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Old 01-10-04, 01:05 AM   #46 (permalink)
Join Date: Apr-2002
Location: Halifax
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I too am driving my dream car:
1988 plymouth sundance 2.2 fi, k&n air charger, factory black (rusted) 14's, I keep em tight, dual dipsticks, high speed bumper bolts, last but not least, its got 100mph duct tape and a couple of speed holes to bring it up to about 45 hp!

lol, yeah... I wouldn't mind getting my hands on a 72 demon, nothing fancy just a 340 4 speed would be ok
I dig the look of the concords the last couple of years. I'll probably happen into one of those before I find a demon thats not rusted to $h!t around here lol

btw shane, that plum crazy charger you have is about as mean as you can get nice work!
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Join Date: Aug-2003
Location: Kitchener, Ontario
Age: 46
Posts: 127
I found this little putter on

seriously any mopar from '67-'71
once i was the apprentice, now i am the master
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lakeridgekennel's Avatar
Join Date: May-2003
Location: Winnipeg Mb
Age: 30
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I love my dad's car I hope to get it some day. Not any time soon he only takes it out in the summer.

I love it to death all original inside and out. It took him 2 years to restore. Not sure on the year but it's mint.
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Join Date: Mar-2003
Location: Dallas, Texas
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Im lucky...i saved and saved my money as a child from the day i first saw the dukes of harzard tv show. All i dreamt about was buying a dodge charger. When i was in my teens i lucked upon one...never in my wildest dreams did i think i would be able to afford one...let alone a matching numbers R/T in good condition. As luck would have it, the guy that owned it was a much older co-worker that was thrilled that i was so enthused with the car. Being a wealthy guy he took pity on the fact that i was about to hand over my entire bank account to buy the car and slashed the price nearly 95%. His condition was that i kept care of it and never sold it unless i absolutely had to...and that he could drive it whenever he wanted lol. Ive had the car for about 15 years now, he drove it once in that time and i havent seen him since. Its my baby..was and always will be my dream car and i will never part with her.

i noticed the confederite flag under the lisence plate, lol i thought the only red-neaks where down here! any way nice car u got to love the classics
"Those who desire to give up Freedom in order to gain Security, will not have, nor do they deserve, either one." -Thomas Jefferson
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Join Date: Jun-2003
Location: Oshawa
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My dream car would be no car at all. I'm holding out for teleportation.
I feel a little light headed... maybe you should drive...
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Not my all time dream car but pretty close. I own it btw

01 TransAm
2.0 Bearded Dragons
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Originally posted by MouseKilla
My dream car would be no car at all. I'm holding out for teleportation.
Yeah, I REALLY wish that they'd get their butts in gear on that! *LOL*
Erin Keller :eb:
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Soul_Reaper's Avatar
Join Date: Nov-2003
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Originally posted by MouseKilla
My dream car would be no car at all. I'm holding out for teleportation.
LMAO!!! Nice one!

I don't know what my dream car would be...probably a Viper GTS or a supped up Rx-7.
"Your heart understands what your head cannot yet conceive; trust your heart."
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PHOX SWEET...but it was said before

(thanx Google)

(thanx Again)

My Dream is to make Kitt...Complete with remote control and conversational capabilities and I need to win the lottery so I can hire some one to design the Hydraulics for Super Pursuit Mode...Street

(thnx yet again Google)
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A "Choose Your Own Adventure" Hamlet would be nice; To be, turn to page 73.

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I agree 100% with mousekiller. No aircraft either just use the stargate. LOL If only we had tollen Knowledge. J/k i know it's not real but it would be great if it was.
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JimmyDavid's Avatar
Join Date: Dec-2003
Location: Portugal
Age: 43
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Hey, Vader; that's the new Chrysler 4-12 you found. Great car!
But so far in my book, Phox has got the best machine i've seen in this thread. Man, that Pontiac is killing me.
Love will take you far and hate even further.
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'70 Dodge Challenger R/T with a 440 ....white
GTA Turtle Guy
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Join Date: Nov-2002
Location: richmond hill
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My 2 dream cars would be first a pimped out escalade with 25" rims and then my second car would be a mustang cobra svt but that dream is coming reality in august
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Location: CANADA
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640 Horsepower twinturbo Quattro Audi TT with a GT2 bodykit, 19 inch rims, low profile tires and Top of the line Alpine DVD system and camera security system.
I look Fear straight in the eyes and laugh my head off!!

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Location: Las Vegas, NV/ San Clemente,CA
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A bad @$$ DODGE VIPER!!!
red btw...
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