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Smile live longer in captivity or wild

what do u guys think? wildlife live longer in captivity or wild?
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If I took you out to the woods and set you free how long do you think you would live?
Seriously I think it depends a lot on the species in question. Some species simply can not live in captivity period. Other thrive because they are often provided with optimal conditions required for survival.
Take people for example; we grow biger and live longer because we are eating better and better foods (generally our diets are better) than we did centuries ago.
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i think wild animals live longer but there's really no way to tell cause of that scientific law that says if u study it u change it. Wild animals have an adapted immune system where in a captive environment they could get sick easily. they depend on their owner but in the wild they depend on themselves. and what would do better: something in control of itself or something being controlled by a different species
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I think they could live longer and grow larger in captivity.
Reasons #1 no predators #2 steady food supply and clean water #3 controled enviroment #4 less parasites.

This is JMO.
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Im not 100% sure on herps. But i do know that for different species captive live longer. Ideal conditions can be closely met for many animals. There has been extensive research done over the years with various fish. I know that in fish, provided that the proper tank size is available, not only do many exceed theyre live expectancy, they often double it. Further more, most will grow larger then theyre wild living brothers. An example of this is the siamese fighting fish. In the wild, these only live about a year. In captivity, 2-3 is common, and i believe the world record is just goes to show.
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