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nuno 01-01-04 11:30 PM

Do you know your latin
Hey everyone, lets play a game. If you can take the latin name I give you and translate it into the common name and then put your own latin name and see if anyone can guss the common name.

Boa constrictor imperator

Common red tail boa.

Can you idenify?
Acrantophis Dumerili?

emroul 01-01-04 11:33 PM

Dumeril's ground boa ;)

Any others? :D I'm not too good at this, but I can try..

nuno 01-01-04 11:38 PM

How about

aspidites melanocephalus

djc3674 01-01-04 11:53 PM


aspidites melanocephalus
Black-Headed Python

djc3674 01-01-04 11:59 PM

How bout.....

Micruroides euryxanthus

Stockwell 01-01-04 11:59 PM

Acrantophis Dumerili= Dumeril's boa-Madagascar-CITES appendix 1

Acrantophis madagascariensis

djc3674 01-02-04 12:01 AM

oh yeah...thanks Google.... :D

CHRISANDBOIDS14 01-02-04 12:06 AM

-Just guessing, some sort of Madagascan Boa?-


Here's a couple of my favorite latin name because of the way they are pronounced:

Antaresia childreni(haha almost a give away)

Corallus caninus(what nice teeth, makes me think of canines, but on a snake)

Stockwell 01-02-04 12:07 AM

Micruroides euryxanthus
what subspecies? The nominate
is euryxanthus, euryxanthus...The Arizona Coral Snake

So what is Epicrates striatus striatus

djc3674 01-02-04 12:13 AM

Micruroides euryxanthus=Western Coral Snake according to google.

not to familiar w/ latin names

Stockwell 01-02-04 12:15 AM

Antaresia childreni..., Antaresia maculosis, Antaresia stimpsoni

I come from the era when the entire complex was all the same damn thing and bred with one another..
We called all of them childrens pythons in the 80's(Liasis childreni)
Stimpsoni were called Desert Childrens or Red childrens... It's funny how the price went up after the academics split and renamed them

And canina's, of course are Emeralds

CHRISANDBOIDS14 01-02-04 12:23 AM

Lol Great! Yes, i know, the groups were all considered the same thing but the name i have givin is indeed the cildrens python(the true one). And as for canina's, yes, emeralds. Lol.

As for Epicrates striatus striatus thats the Haitian boa.

How about big'ol Eunectes murinus?

Bartman 01-02-04 12:27 AM

all gibrish to me :p

CHRISANDBOIDS14 01-02-04 12:28 AM

Haha, it was the same to me when i started but now im catching the drift and i want to know the names. Lol!

Stockwell 01-02-04 12:36 AM

It's good to become acquainted with the scientific names

Murinus..those big ol nasties.(green anacondas)
I've worked with notaeus...much nicer and smaller
What's their common name?

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