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Siretsap 12-30-03 09:19 AM

Heh, it's bound to happen
Well, as some of you know I work for the San Francisco Group.
For the past semesters the company has been going down the drain. And our president resigned this morning. In early December, the company went under the "Sous la protection des créanciers" a law that protects the company from bankrupsty if you want.
So I have 2 choices, sit here and hope a miracle will happens or look for an other job. Could go on welfare but I hate that and wouln't be comfortable doing that.
So anyone have job openings??? ;-) Teasing you, but had to put it here, cause I am gonna panic in a few weeks.


snakehunter 12-30-03 09:28 AM

good luck finding a job, my dad lost his after 9/11, and didnt get one untill a year and a half later, and may i say with NO insurance what so ever! now my dad is working for fannie may, which is a pretty stable job, he does tech support. good luck, i hope you find a good one soon

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