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this makes me laugh

the picture is what makes me laugh, you think they could show the proper animal when doing these stories

this 1 was funny too but at the same time i hope it does ok on its diet

now why didnt something happen like this to me while i was away in australia
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Thanks for sharing mike the first pic is so funny haha.
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Huh? is the first link a joke?
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gigantic snake lmfao
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LOL, gotta love the first one.

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Old 12-30-03, 08:23 AM   #6 (permalink)
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I wish I could of found her first
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Hopefully when I go to Australia this summer I could put some in my suitcase and pretend then crawled in there too. ;-)
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i hope my bp's dont turn on me hahahahaha
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At the end of the day, they're journalists and not snake experts! They probably don't know the difference between the snakes and just plonked a picture of anything up there! Plus its on a childrens website, so... its not like the kids would really know either? i guess they didn't think it was that big of a deal?
it would have been extra funny if it was a picture of a corn snake! XD
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Sure this is funny to us, but I think this is absolutely horrible. People, in this case kids, read this as fact. Giving wrong information out Intentionally? or unintentionally leads to negative opinions about owning reptiles. I sent emails to them expressing my opinion.
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Now does anyone REALLY think that the giant 49 ft snake is actually 49 ft ??? LOL

These Journalists should be writing fiction novels and stay away from stuff they know nothing about
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Scalawag : i aswell sent an email stating my disaproval and basicaly told them to watch what there writers are publishing and they"don't know there a$$'$ from a hole in the ground"
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Haha, OMG BIG SNAKE. Today, i gigantic snake was found, measuring 3.50 feet long(opps sorry no decimal) and hitting the scales at a hefty 3.00000000 pounds(that d*mn decimal keeps creeping in) it was scarry to know it was on the loose!!!! Omg people must have been horrified!

I think its rediculous, i think its awful, now people might see a ball python and think they're killers or something. They should not just go and post a load of cr*p on the news and not make sure its true. All they want is the story. I dont know what to do any more with all this anti-reptile stuff on the news and all the misrepresentations?
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Wow, what a scary looking snake! *LMAO*!
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A massive snake which could have been a danger to kids has been found safe and well.
Tracey the python went missing from her owner's house in Sheffield on Sunday.
The snake, which is nearly three-and-a-half metres long, was very hungry as she was just due for a feed when she broke out of her glass cage.

Don't they mean three-and- a- half FEET.

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