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Snakes just want to be left alone

Snakes just want to be left alone
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that was one of the best pro-snake articles ive ever read, thanx
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all that article shows is that snakes are afraid of people, and that he killed a rattlesnake and somehow that experience helped him appreciate snakes more.
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I think it was a very good article, most articles in the paper are about "killer snakes" and generally add to peoples fear of snakes. Yes he did say that he killed a rattlesnake, but he also said it was a cowardly act that he wasn't proud of and hasn't repeated.
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Good article. At least he has recognized that killing snakes is senseless. I also shared his dislike for snakes before an avid herper showed me how fascinating they are.
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I think the article shows that even a rattlesnake in the wild is not going to stalk you, wanting to kill you just for pleasure. (Yes, people do still honestly believe that a rattlesnake will pursue you just to kill you.) It wants to be left alone, and so do you.
- Ken LePage
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Old 12-29-03, 01:50 AM   #7 (permalink)
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That was definitely a breath of fresh air! Nearly every article I seem to come across portrays snakes in such a negative light, here they are shown for what they really are... venomous or not, they aren't out to get us, they just want to go about their thing
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Nice article
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Fantastic article! Thank you kindly for posting it!
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