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Question Blockage

I need some help. I have a young blizzard corn who was eating great. In early December he shied away from food. When I finally got him to eat, he later regurgitated. I fed him again this week and he again regurgitated. Temps are good, 81 on the warm side room temp on the cool side (68-74). I inspected him closely today and noticed a black spot on his underside about 2/3rds down his body. If you have a blizzard, you'll notice these a lot, and it is generally water under the skin and will move about when touched. This one is much darker and will not move whaen I manipulate it with my fingers. It feels like there may be a small lump. I am afraid it is an impaction and don't know what to do. He is fed in a tupperware bowl, so it is not from substrate. Before you tell me to take it to a vet, I have been unable to locate a herp vet around here. This is the main reason I'm asking here. If I could find a vet, he'd already be there. Please don't blast me for this, but offer help or suggestions if you have any.


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I would try administering a small amount of mineral oil. Hopefully if it indeed is a blockage, it will resolve with this, and not need to be removed surgically Good luck with the little guy and please keep us updated on his condition!

-DISCLAIMER- I am not a vet, and this advice is not meant to replace veterinary attention.
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Thanks Linds.
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mineral oil without surgery is one of your only choices other than massaging it to see it it will dislodge and move for you. Other than that, good luck. Sounds very painful.
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Why would water under the skin produce black spots?

It sounds to me like the 'black spot 2/3 of the way along' is the gall bladder, which is readily visible on snows/blizzards/etc.

You may have some other problem with the snake, but I doubt it has anything to do with this.

Jeff Hathaway
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