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Originally posted by reverendsterlin
one of my 8' boas hit me with a feeding response. Surgery and 6 weeks of rehab to make my wrist work again. A few other but that was the worst by far. Fast hands and never going to be bit, lol, thats fuuunnnnnny, keep dreaming.
I have our boa's striking food on film. our camera does 24 frames a second. it took our boa's only one frame to strike and bite and another 2 frames to pull back the prey and start constricting. thats right, the boa was able to strike in 1/24th of a second. that's fast, probably alot faster then most people. thats why we use tongs and forceps when feeding the snakes. hell one of our bigger boas gave me a warning bite and it hurt. there was no escaping that one (except not approching from the front)
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never been bit, it probably wouldn't hurt so much as scare(sp?) the sh*t out of me
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I have been bit by heeaps of herps...15ft Olives 12ft waters, varnids, carpets, the worst bite I have ever had was by the biggest blue tongue I have ever seeen it was soo big!!!! my finger was swollen for over a month afterward and it hurt to touch my left hand. but the thing I hate most about bites is sometimes when they are healing they get really itchy!!!
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nope never been bitten (knocking on wood with one hand while I type this with the other). I'm sure my day will come, part of the hobby I guess. Until then, im still a virgin. know what I mean.
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Ive been bitten a few times. Most painful was from a diamond carpet python that got me right on the face. That was a little discomfort. I did not even see it coming.
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Haven't been bitten by much and I'd love to keep it that way, but with all the different animals that I work with both at home and at work, it's bound to happen more often. I try my best to avoid situations that provoke bites. I've only been bitten by the following: prairie dog (hurts more than you'd think), various geckos, almost every hamster I've ever met, mice galore, and rats of all sizes. Come to think of it, I've been bitten more by mammals than by reptiles. Hmm, interesting considering I work a lot more with reptiles.
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So what hasn't bitten me?? Given enough animals and enough time I think every one will get bit. Plenty of snakes- the worst was a 9 ft retic that nearly took my thumb off. Lesson learned. My female Brazilian Rainbow Boa hit me once and she's got lots of needle teeth. Lizards- Tokays, water dragons, leopard geckos, chinese crocodile lizard (ok, that was my fault hand feeding him), tail whipped and scratched by a pissy male iguana etc...
Rodents are worse- rats, squirrels, hamsters, gerbils, those bites always seem to get infected even after cleaning them out.
Parrots- Argh! I love them but had one that thought it was cute to bite me in the face. OWWW!
And of course the dogs, cats and ferrets...
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Best bite i ever recieved was probably from my largest savannah broke almost all of my fingers, left em black & blue, lost fingernails, cracked nails it was a brutal bite. Purely my fault as well.

I dont think any bite matches a monitor, espeacially african species, their jaws are insane!!! My burmese python bit me, didnt hurt me nearly as much as the monitor.
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I once had a tokay have an identity crisis and want to be a goatee, planting himself on my chin for about 5 min. The fun part was explaining to my friends where the red ring on my chin came from.
Also , after my burm ate 3 rabbits,she had one more to go but would not eat it , when i reached down to pick it up she decided to munch on my hand instead, having 1/2 of my hand down in her mouth, OUCH!
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