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do ya think hell be big enough

hey everyone its me again ! I have just started a education program from reptiles called Reptilian Fangs, we will be working for parties and such. Here are my animal:

Ball pythons (almost 2ft)

Nile monitor (1ft)

Savanah monitor (6inches)

2 large red ear sliders (3inches)

2 baby red ear sliders (1 inch)

1 musk turtle (3inches)

do you think this is an ok list for education? Do you think these will be a pretty good size in about 3 months(when we open)?Any tips or sites i can visit?
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Just one question.. why Reptilian Fangs? The reason I ask is, I think you'd be more successful without such a morbid, dangerous-sounding name. Plus the fact that not one of your reptiles has fangs. Just a suggestion, take it as you wish. As for your reptile list, I think you should probably have a significantly bigger list than that for an educational show. I have 28 snakes, many of which are adults, and even I'm holding off on the educational show business until A) I have more experience, B) I have more adult specimens, which is what people really want to see, and C) I have more reptiles than just snakes.

That's my $0.02. But, best of luck to you with your educational shows.
- Ken LePage
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There is no hurry....Invictus has a point.....take it
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i will, but at this time i have limited space, i may add a red tail boa or iguana.
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not finished yet but how does this flyer look?
Note that this doesnt appear right cuz its copied.

Reptilian Fangs
Hello, my name is Landon Cowling, I am 13 years old and I have just started a reptilian educating program so people can get a better understanding of reptiles. Below are a few things we can do for you.

Daycare programming
Would you like for us to visit your daycare center and bring along some of our reptiles to show to you and your children? This is a great activity for all and you will enjoy it! Our price for this activity is only $25.00 per hour! We will bring along our small reptiles for this experience, look on the bottom of this paper for our list of reptiles.
Youth Groups
Would you like for us to visit your youth group whether it is a church, society, boy/girl scouts, or any other group? This will be a great experience for you and your group. Our price for this activity is only $25.00 per hour!
Birthday Parties
Your child will be completely mesmerized by the antics of our reptiles. One of our talented instructors will show our reptiles to everyone at your party who dares to watch! An educational theme is incorporated into a fun filled one-hour program. Your kids will have so much fun that they won't realize they're learning something! Our Birthday Parties can be customized to suit your needs. The cost of this activity is only $30.00 per hour!
Due to the hands-on nature of our programming, we do not recommend our birthday programs for children under the age of five. It is our policy not to let children under five touch the animals, and this would lessen the birthday child's enjoyment. We can accommodate guests below this age with a party which still brings the animals to look at and talk about, but provides shells and skins to touch instead of the animals.
Social Events/Parties/Conferences!

Looking for something a little unusual to spice up your meeting, party, or event? Why not have live animals, artifacts and a knowledgeable instructor come out to your event, and "liven up" the whole affair!

How to contact us

Here are our reptiles that will come to your event!
*1ft Nile monitor* 6in savannah monitor*2ft ball python* 2 5in red ear pond slider turtles
* 2 1 inch red ear pond slider turtles* 1 3in musk turtle*
Soon more to come!
Reptile Donation Guidelines

At the present time, we have limited capacity to accept animals.

Let us be absolutely clear on one point. THE GRARE IS NOT A DUMPING GROUNDS FOR PEOPLES MISTAKES! We have specific limits on the types of species we will house at any given time. Once that limit is reached, we will not accept any further animals of that type. (Ex: we will house no more than four monitors, four iguanas, six large boas, eight giant tortoises, one time.) When our policy is complete, we will post our capacities on this page, as well as our current housing status.

At the present time, our operations are small. We are currently equipped to handle:

Lizards under 6 feet
snakes under 10 feet
turtles and tortoises under 30 lbs
all amphibians (temporary housing available for giants)
all arthropods.

We are not currently equipped to handle venomous reptiles or highly toxic amphibians.

If you have a question concerning an animal which we cannot handle, feel free to contact us. We may know of someone else who can help you.
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Ok, here's some more feedback for you.

1) I still say you need to change the name. Reptiles have a bad name as it is. It's just plain too morbid. No mother who has a 7 year old is going to hire "Reptilian Fangs" to entertain the kids at a birthday party.

2) Wait until you're 18 or older to get into the educating business. No one is going to hire a 13 year old to educate people. It's just not going to fly. I hate to be the one to bring this harsh reality to you, but it's the way it is.

3) You can't just go to peoples' houses and do shows. You need liability insurance, probably no less than $1,000,000 worth. Yes, one million. The premiums for this will probably be ludicrous. If you don't have this liability and one of your herps bites a child, kiss the rest of your earnings for the rest of your natural life goodbye. By the way, I believe you have to be 16 or 18 to get insurance of any kind in this country.

As for the pamphlet, this line:

One of our talented instructors will show our reptiles to everyone at your party who dares to watch!
Has GOT to go. Just like the title of your show, Reptilian Fangs, it makes reptiles sound like dangerous sideshow freaks. That is not the message you want to be sending, is it? It could be damaging not only to your business, but herping in general.

I don't mean to rain on your parade, it's great that you have dreams and goals. But, without the liability insurance, the experience, and the age under your belt, it's just not going to fly, man. There's nothing wrong with waiting.

Here's another VERY solid reason to wait... your animals will be more accustomed to being handled, and you'll have a better understanding of which of your animals are kid-safe. A 6 inch sav or a baby ball python, or a baby anything is just too unpredictable.

I hope in the future you do get this going for yourself, but in my opinion, you have got to wait for a while. And you've got to change that name.

If you don't want to take my word for it, send a PM to Scales Zoo. They've been doing this a long time, and can help point you in the right direction.
- Ken LePage
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If you're 13 how are you going to drive your herps around? It's hard to carry that many herps on a bicycle!!1
Jon Dona

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Please PLEASE do not get an iguana!!!

" but at this time i have limited space, i may add a red tail boa or iguana."

You have mentioned in other threads about running out of room, you have mentioned some illness in a savannaha moniter. PLEASE from the most honest part of me do NOT go get a Green Iguana. I am telling you this for your own good.

Your ambitions are great. Reptile education is great, But YOU must first be educated on reptiles to be able to educate others in a manner which will be successful. Green Iguanas need HUGE custom enclosures (not made from chicken wire btw) fresh cut vegetables and greens each day, not to mention they can be powerful, moody and dangerous.

Please rethink what you are getting into. I am NOT trying to bring you down, in fact I am trying to help you be more successful at keeping the reptiles you already do have. Because thats why we are all here, to help people take care of their animals as best as possible.

Good luck and Invictus had good advice.
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you mention "we" a lot when u talk about your businesses. I was just wondering how many ppl you have on your team. Just curious.
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Great advice by all. I hope you really take it to heart in the constructive way it was given. I would recommend becoming a Jr volunteer at your local zoo, if they have a volunteer program. Most zoos do. Not only will you learn about many different species but get hands on experience with handling reptiles but also educating the masses. Educating is more than a simple understanding or knowledge but requires experience to deliver a credibal presentation . Handling a pet and handling a specimen for educational purposes are very different. You are to be commended on your enthusiasm and dedication to these great creature we share this planet with. Good Luck. In Mouth We Trust...
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we have 5 people with us, im going to tchange the name, we have just made an outdoor building for some more herps....give me some time to think this throug....
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Yeah.. I think you need some time to think it through. I really dont think this is a good idea for the same reasons as the following people above. Your saying you can take in all these animals right? Can you house 4 iguanas? What if they are all males, that means you will need four 8X4X4 enclosures.

Same thing going for the Monitors and Boas. Can you seriously hosue all these?!?!?! Can you pay the vet bills, oh yeah, there isnt any vets by you remember. Well I can gaurante that you dont know the ins and outs of reptile health, let alone that type of diversity. Can you afford big 48" UV lights and light fixtures? All this not even including the food costs. Expensive medications? Can you afford that on your allowance?

If you wanna do this how about you finnish high school, take some college courses and get EDUCATED on the animals. Remember what your signature says.. "Be responsibe, care for your herp!".

Im 15, just a couple years olden then you, I own about two or three times as many animals as you including eggs and such. I know this kind of operation isnt going to work out for a 13 yr old unless your some how working about 4 jobs that pay way above minimum wage.

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Sounds like a great plan. As someone else said, why not go to a zoo and learn for a while, a few years. Get that insurance, if not and one of your animals bites a child or another person you will probably be charged with "harboring a dangerous/vicious animal. Have ALL your animals taken away, put a bad rep for herps, and you probably won't be allowed to have any (legally) for a few years.
So wait till your old enough to get that insurance, build a good solid rep, and take your time. As marisa said, green iguana's are a big handfull. You have to have a cage that is double their body length, (about 10-12 feet) long, atleast 6ft wide, and about 5-6ft you got room for that? (thats for ONE iguana)

Don't forget your vet bills. I would ask for a vet certificate clearing all animals of disease. So it's not as cheap as one might think....

Great goals though, and good luck.
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You're 15 Jeff? You seem a lot more mature.

Anyhow, I'm 24 as of yesterday, am finishing up an undergrad in biology (including courses in herpetology and the likes) and have been working with various reptiles and invertebrates quite heavily for the last five or six years. I am considering beginning some sort of reptile venture, possibly along the lines that you have considered, reptile171. You know what worries me? That I don't know or understand enough and that I don't have the resources to "do it right." Something like your publication idea is probably best, since you can draw on literature and people's experiences. It doesn't require you to jump in over your head in the animal department, so nobody gets hurt. In my case, I'd love to do venomous so that in a couple years I can incorporate them in whatever I do. I don't have the experience, space or resources, though, to do it right, so guess what -- no venomous reptiles. I even put in 1000s of less-hot hours before getting my first "hot" scorpion. You're 13, which means that if you take things slow, really focus on the animals you have and don't bother with these extra ventures, by the time you're my age you will have experience that blows me out of the water. Then you start thinking about these side ventures and you'll probably be able to pay your way through university.

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