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Old 12-21-03, 11:48 PM   #16 (permalink)
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Hey yea Peta sounds really bad, I have never heard of them until now. But if what you guys say is true, aren't you worried u are having a go at them on a public forum, I mean what if a member is reading this forum??? A bit paranoid I know, but you cant be too careful with the internet.
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if someone is reading it then they'll just cyber-attack back!!


maybe they don't realise that in the great taxonomy system humans are included in the Kingdom Anamalia and that when they murder humans they're actually killing animals, PETA is indeed the animal killer
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Old 12-22-03, 02:45 PM   #18 (permalink)
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Originally posted by Invictus
What they don't tell you on the website is that PETA is nothing but a terrorist organization which participates in such things as pet store bombings, fear and intimidation tactics such as those described in this article, and murder of people who don't support their ideals. They are no better than Al Quaeda, or any other murderous organization.
Well put Invictus, very well put indeed...

These guys are too extreme, this kind of propaganda just sickens me.
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Whats funny is that they accept furs as donations and give em to homeless people. They are against the whole fur/pelt thing!!! LOL
Jon Dona

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Old 12-23-03, 02:12 PM   #20 (permalink)
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They can tell my kid that I kill animals all they like. I don't keep it a secret how the rats that our snakes eat ended up in ziplocs in the freezer, Daddy bonks them on the head, weighs them and bags them. And she knows that the meat we eat at dinner time comes from a cow or pig or chicken that was killed so that we could eat. I don't know if other people grew up sheltered from the realities of eating but I wasn't and neither will my child. I don't lie about the fact that some animals will die so that other animals and people will eat. I don't think there is anything wrong with killing animals to eat or wear so PETA can do their worst. I actually kinda liked their poster or whatever it was pretty funny.
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Old 12-23-03, 04:05 PM   #21 (permalink)
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Ugh. Now, I don't generally agree with wearing fur, now that there are fake-fur options out there just as good (one of my coats is polyester fur-trimmed) but I DO NOT agree with that flyer being passed to kids.

If PETA wants to stop fur-harvesting, they should go to the source, not the people who buy it. Most people who buy fur coats don't even have a clue it comes from an animal-seriously-they're usually the type of people who buy milk or eggs at the grocery store and don't know milk comes from cows and eggs from chickens.

I had neighbors awhile back who had a mink farm. While I did not agree with them raising mink for fur (plus the little buggers would get loose all the time!), at least they killed them humanely. I also didn't go around burning their barns or letting their mink loose. Thats just stupid.

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Old 12-23-03, 07:26 PM   #22 (permalink)
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Some of these idiots, let open a mink ranch back in BC. Well, needless to say, there was a lot of ecological damage. I can't be sure what the heck their message was.
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