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Need to find!!!!!!

Just wondering if anyone knew where I could buy sphagnum moss? And don't say a garden centre because they charge $10 for a bag and the size of bags that they sell are so small I'd need 10 of them, ha ha!!

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I buy mine at canadian tire, they have huge one. Try the garden center of a hardware store. My garden store also has some but they only have 1 big bag in the back store and it's more expensive. Did you ask if they can order bigger one? Usualy they don't keep those cause nobody need so much!
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You're right about sphagnum moss being small and expensive, but I used to work at a garden center and you could get a huge bale of peat moss for, like, 5 bucks...I dunno if that helps you any.
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I buy it in petshops..
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Try a florists supply center, that's the cheapest place I've found yet.

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hey jeff try a craft's store
the big one up here is called micheals
and it had a 410 cubic inch bag?
thats what it says on bag
for $2.50
they had spahgunum,reindeer,spanish, all sorts of kinds
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