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Nicky 12-17-03 04:44 PM

Reptile breeding for a future?
Hey everyone:),
After reading alot of postes around the sites it seems like some of you are reptile breeders and from your various post it sounds very exciting. I'm in highschool right now but I'm either considering becoming a vet specilizing in reptiles and amphibians or a reptile breeder. For all of you who are breeders is it like a full time job or just a on the side thing and how old where you when you started. I'm hoping to get a breeding pair of ballpythons and expand from there but is it possible for it to be a full time thing or is there just to much competiton for it to be a fulltime career also what are some of the things you need to have befor you begging launching a career... equipment, websites and so on. thx

Lisa 12-17-03 04:46 PM

You're better off being a vet, the comunity needs alot more reptile vets.

Nicky 12-17-03 04:49 PM

ya but could i still be a breeder on the side or would there just not be enough time and i could always just breed them until i'm done studying for a vet but the thing is if i showed up at say next summer or acouple years form now to the monthly reptile expos at the army base place in mississauga would anyone even take a teenager selling reptiles seriously or just think there bad quality reptiles.

ohh_kristina 12-17-03 04:55 PM

I agree. Be a vet and breed on the side as a hobby. It's the best way to go. You will be helping the hobby on two different levels.

ReptileHQ 12-17-03 04:59 PM

Most likely there won't be enough reptiles coming through your door to be a "reptile vet", but you could specialize in "exotics" and also treat cats, dogs....etc. and of course breed herps for fun on the side...


Nicky 12-17-03 05:04 PM

ya the only thing is about the vet i dunno if i could put an animal down and i'm no good with blood that why I wanted to breed reptiles I dunno I could look into herpterology but don't you need to go into med school for a long time to be a herptrologist or maybe a conserationist how would you go about getting into that line of work.

HetForHuman 12-17-03 05:47 PM


Originally posted by Nicky
ya the only thing is about the vet i dunno if i could put an animal down and i'm no good with blood

Well there will be a time with breeding herps that you are going to have to put some animals down, and see some blood.

Its a hard thing to do but sometimes it is just the way it has to be.

BoAddict 12-17-03 05:56 PM

getting into a vet school is really tough i think there are only 2 in canada 1 being guelph
to be a full time reptile breeder it takes a tonne of start up money
like about $100,000 if you wanna make some money

in highschool i did my co op @ dixie animal hospital it was great but the idea of putting animals down was tough
i had to hold the legs of dogs and pop the veins so they could put the needle in to put the animal down i also got to see them descent ferrets

just make sure you have top marks if you want to get into the vet school

just my $0.02

Nicky 12-17-03 05:57 PM

ya i guess your right thx for everyone who replied maybe in acouple years i'll be selling some herps at the shows.:)
rock on kayla

mykee 12-17-03 06:17 PM

There are VERY FEW people out there who breed reptiles for a living. Have something to fall back on to actually make your money that you can, in turn, sink it into your reptiles for years.

Invictus 12-17-03 06:24 PM

I agree with everyone here... we need more herp vets.

I have the same goal, man... to make a living breeding herps, but also doing other things on the side - T-Shirts, terrariums, supplies, maybe open a couple of retail stores. It's a good goal to have - but in the mean time, I'm working in the Information Technology field, so I'm not ever going to depend on my critters for my income.

Remember, having goals is great. Making sure you can live to achieve them is even better. :)

Nicky 12-17-03 06:26 PM

Ya i'll just do it on the side for a hobby probably become a vet dunno ye thoe anyways thx again. oh ya what are some of the easiest reptiles to breed to start off with. I was thinking ball pythons because there so beutiful any other suggestions thoe.

Invictus 12-17-03 06:56 PM

I'd start off with corns. I've known people who incubated corn snake eggs at room temperature and had a 100% hatch rate. Python eggs, on the other hand, are very unforgiving.

Stockwell 12-17-03 06:56 PM

Hi Nicky! I'm one of the old timers on here. I'll soon be celebrating a quarter century(25yrs) of breeding reptiles(with no years off)

It started as a hobby, and became a business. It's still basically a hobby . I have a full time career in electronics. There's alot to be said for a regular paycheque.
People that start from scratch trying to make a business out of herp breeding always fail.
Keep the animals because you like them. If you do well with them, you will start to breed them. Take it a step at a time but plan to do something else to keep food on the table and a roof over your head.
There are very few full time breeders in Canada ,making their livelihood exclusively from Herp breeding . Most of us still have jobs, or other sources of revenue. The market here is still small, and running a big busines in herps means international shipping and marketing and that requires alot of work and expense and paperwork. International competition is also getting stiffer all the time, as more and more breeders take a piece of the pie.
It's not impossible to aspire to be a full time breeder, but it won't be easy and there are easier ways to make a living.
Start small, and think BIG, but have something to fall back on!!

The easiest herps to start breeding are colubrids(ratsnakes and kingsnakes) and geckos( leopards, fat tails, etc.)
Some Boids are also fairly easy.. Balls, Spotteds pythons, various boas etc.
Get yourself some cornsnakes as a first breeding project.
Don't expect to make much on them though. That market is pretty flooded these days.

Nicky 12-17-03 07:00 PM

oh thats great because i have a 2 year old female corn right now the only thing is aren;t they cannablistic i don't wanna put her in danger just to make a little extra cash. Or do they not eat each other durning the breeding months. I have her in 30 gal tank right now but could i keep two togther or only during breeding and then take him out and keep him ina a seperat tank or rubbermaid container? how old until they reach sexual matureity Shes about 4 feet long but only about a inch and about at her thickest part i think she still has a bit of growing to do and I don;t have a scale so i'm not sure how heavy she is.

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