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Old 12-16-03, 12:05 AM   #61 (permalink)
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Hey Brian How does mock moose with mushrooms in a white wine sauce sound?
Yo Hipster,

I'm with ya man, especially the shrooms and wine.
On a more serious note Hip, I have actually been
eating a lot of beaver as of late, The wife is enjoying
it aswell.

Any new road kill dishes lately?

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Internet Explorer Spell Checker.

If you can't spell, and care that you can't spell, download this. Even if you don't care, download this and give it a shot. It works very easily.
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haha this one of the funniest threads i've read in a while. Many of the spelling errors complained about are a product of IM usage. Language is changing. b4 u no it ppl will b sayn "LOL" not just typn it .
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Old 12-16-03, 10:03 AM   #64 (permalink)
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Spelling is certainly not a measure of intelligence. And, just as certainly, there are people with various problems such as dyslexia. I'm not offended by poor spelling or grammar, but it is definitely my preference to read something that is well written. However, I'd rather read interesting and useful text that is poorly written than well written drivel like much of this thread, and, without a doubt, including this addition to it of mine.

With all due respect to those with actual difficulties though, I believe that for the greater proportion of the culprits (not just on this site but generally as well), it is simply a matter of rushing while typing (resulting in typographical errors), not thinking much about what they're writing (which results in worse than grammatical errors some of the time), and not proofreading their posts. I always proofread; it doesn't take much time and I often find that I catch a few mistakes, or decide to rephrase something.

Now as much as I hate to admit it, I do lapse into netspeak occasionally. I've become quite comfortable with BTW, IMHO, and a variety of other terms. However, I don't think I'll ever feel that l8r, gr8, etcetera are appropriate. That is just me. But, I will agree with Zoe that posts, and emails, which have virtually no punctuation and feature netspeak jargon approximately every fourth word, are more difficult to comprehend. Undoubtably, I give them less of my attention, which, of course, does not necessarily matter to anyone, unless the person was specifically writing to me (which does happen quite a bit by email).

In the same manner that all microhylids are amphibians, but not all amphibians are microhylids, I believe that while poor spelling and grammar are not a sign of a lack of intelligence and effort, excellent spelling and grammar are indeed of function of either reasonable intelligence, effort, or both. Of course, a caveat about the preceding sentence- I'm referring to those circumstances where a person is attempting to communicate in their language of choice. I do have a great deal of respect for those who are working on their second (or third) language here on this forum; I shudder to think about what my attempts at typing in French would be like.

To summarize, do what you can, and please proofread your posts if you give a rat's a$$ about what anyone might think of them. If not, don't bother. IMHO, that is:-)

No can we plz get bcak to descusing sumthing mre useful?

Jeff Hathaway
Sciensational Sssnakes!!
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I am with Zoe on this one.

I do understand the fact that some people may not be very well educated for a number of reasons, therefore spelling becomes a problem. But it is very easy to pinpoint who doesn't spell right because of a lack of education and those who don't spell right because they are lazy. I absolutely hate net-talk.

Originally posted by Zoe
"hi thre i hvea problme wit me bp he wont eat i dunt no what 2 do nemore iv etrid 4 4 weks but stil he jst lookz then goze away plz smbdy help me out o he livs in a 20glng hes on newsppr n he has a hidebo xand a waterdish plz help im rwally confuzed."
I mean look at this monstrosity, it is clear that this person spells like this not because he doesn't know any better, the person only spells like this because of lazyness. All those abreviations and lack of punctuation are just impossible to read.

People say that this thread is wasting bandwidth (WOW! And the "3 word game" was so goddamn informative now wasn't it?), but in all truth those kind of posts are the ones who come around a lot more often, and those are the ones that 90% of the people here don't even finish reading just to avoid a headache. Therefore, bandwidth is wasted by people trying to figure out hieroglyphs similar to the one quoted above.

I am not being critical to the ones who in all truth cannot spell, by all means, i make a lot of mistakes too but that's ok...everyone does, i'm no grammar teacher. But people who completely ignore punctuation and abreviate EVERY SINGLE word possible on purpose, those annoy the F#%$ out of me.

Stop being lazy. If you want other people's help at least take your time to write something coherent and legible, and i am absolutely sure that you will get all the help you need.
"Your heart understands what your head cannot yet conceive; trust your heart."
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this ain't english class and i ain't gettin marked on my typing .. so i don't care, if you can't figure out what im sayin from my short forms for some words then oh
who realy cares if words are spelled correctly anyways as long as you know whats being said!!!

Originally posted by Zoe
"hi thre i hvea problme wit me bp he wont eat i dunt no what 2 do nemore iv etrid 4 4 weks but stil he jst lookz then goze away plz smbdy help me out o he livs in a 20glng hes on newsppr n he has a hidebo xand a waterdish plz help im rwally confuzed."

i had no problem reading this (and it looks more like he/she is drunk then lazy in "THIS" case)
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It all falls down to this, the people who abbreviate and use nly netspeak, will almost NEVER get the answers they need.. and this is your problem how? Exactly, it isn't.
So when you come across a post that is all in netspeak or is made up of obvious laziness, then here is a phenomenal idea!

No one makes anyone else read there posts, and if they post and get no answers then they will clarify and ask again, either way it isn't any skin of any of your a$$es, and therefore I don't see how this is even an issue at all.
If you can't read it don't try, simple.!

and this is just my opinion.
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Here's what I think:

1) Picking on people's spelling is petty.

2) Not making an effort to spell mostly correctly is inconsiderate...yeah I know some people are bad at it. Check out "". Free online English spell-checking up to 20,000 words.

3) The real bad ones are hard to read. Some people wont even bother trying. This is poor communication.

4) Bad spelling and grammar is unprofessional. If your ads are unprofessional, there's a good chance you are too. While it doesn't mean I wont buy from you, it does make me wary.

5) Learning to spell can be long and painful, but if you need to communicate in a particular language, it is worth it in the end.

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lol I can not believe this post is still going..... Hey ya'll I was just trying to defend the little guy who have a hard time spelling Come on guys and gals this site if for fun not all about buisness that is what they have their own web sites for.
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hmmmmmmmm thats the way it goes i think
"Only through education do we teach the ignorant that which we love is not evil but wonderous"....

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there are people with various problems such as dyslexia.
That's right. Asking someone with dyslexia to spell something corectly is like asking a blind person to look at something or a wheel chair user to take a walk with you. Dyslexia is a disability like many others. You have to alter your expectations of people to fight their abilities.
I've earned two university degrees and teach in the public school and I've never been a strong speller.
Commenting on a persons spelling is like commenting on someones disability. It's not right.
(Not spell checked, deal with it!)
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Old 12-16-03, 04:39 PM   #71 (permalink)
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Ah yes, your typical long thread. The original topic is a fairly insignifcant argument that has since been twisted, blown out of proportion and taken out of context so much that no one remembers what it was about.

As always some people have become way too upset over something that is of little to no consequence and on the other side of that is the people that say things along the lines of "if you don't like ______ then don't come to this site".

Then there's the Bandwidth Preserver on patrol, defending bandwidth space for only the most worthy, most strictly herp relate posts and looking out as always for the poor Mods even if they have volunteered to monitor a forum that is set aside specifically for off topic conversation. Are those freckles or is your nose turning brown?

I'm surprised that no one has just set the site's software to automatically kill any thread that goes past 4 pages because by that time they've invariably degenerated into this same sort of nonsense. Yeah, bad writing is irritating to read but so are repetitious debates. Seems as though the subjects that are debated in this way are interchangable, even the participants are the same. Watch long enough and you'll know what certain people will say before they do.

The english language is great because it is so flexible and constantly evolving, new words are created all the time and some eventually make it into everyday conversation. The abbreviations we see exclusively online but all understand (IMO, BTW, BRB) are things we could consider part of that evolving common language. There is a difference between that evolution and the new words that become absorbed by the language and just plain butchering the language itself. The examples where numbers are used in place of words are simillar to the use of "yous" in conversation. "Are yous comin over this weekend?" It's not an abbreviation, it's just plain incorrect, and while using these things may not actually mean you are unintelligent they certainly make you look that way. As always though we're all free to make ourselves look as dumb as we like. What else is the internet for other than broadcasting to the world how dumb and/or perverted we are?
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Dashing through the snow on a one horse open sleigh over the fields we go laughing all the way HA HA HA .... bells on bobtails(?) ring making spirits bright what fun it is to write and sing a sleighing song tonight ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way
"Only through education do we teach the ignorant that which we love is not evil but wonderous"....

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Had a post here, but nevermind. I don't want anything to do with this thread.


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