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Good question...

I think my mom would keep Chester, my oldest bearded dragon, because she and him have really bonded. As for the rest of the lizards and soon getting a snake, she'd sell them either to the local pet store or put an ad in the paper. Or she might even friggin let them loose in the wild. Yikes! I hope my dad would be nice enough to talk her outta that one, though. Since he would know that wouldn't be want I would have wanted!

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My parents would probably give all of my pets to the petstore or would give them to Pixie. They know that I would want them to go to her even if she doesn't want them
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People keep saying "my family will deal with it". Have you asked your family? It's a bit hard just dumping the care on some one. Some animals need daily care.
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Assuming that Jenny and I were both wiped out (most likely in a car accident given the number of kilometres we drive annually) our executor, who is a family member, would immediately call a very experienced and capable herper who would assist her in how to proceed. Yes, we've spoken to both of them to make the arrangements. It is a little more complicated in our case as the animals are tied in to the business, which is tied into our property. Between the two of them, they would have to decide whether to find someone to take over the business, or just close it and find new homes for the animals. Five years ago, I would have said that the latter option was most likely. At this point, I think the former is a possibility, and we're moving more in that direction all the time.

It is certainly a subject worth putting some thought into if you have a significant collection.

Jeff Hathaway
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Ryan and I have an arrangement with a close friend to care for and disperse our collection in the event of our untimely death. One rule - murder is not allowed! If he were to go before me, I would have to dispose of some of the colection, if I were to go before him - well, I don't have much say what he does with them, I'm dead. We care what happens to the dogs and reptiles more than for our "stuff", the survivors can arm wrestle on the front lawn over the furniture for all I care. Winner take all.
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My parents recently requested that information from me in the event I die because of the size my collection is at, they wouldn't know what to do with them. I don't have a will, just a list of where to send my snakies, which I keep forgetting to complete, maybe I should get on that since I have a bit of free time since I've been so sick lately
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If both me and my BF died my best friends would take over care of the animals I feel cannot be found new homes, and need a stable home life (i.e. not moving to another home) those would be my R.E.S. Mikey, and my green iguana. We have already spoken about this, and they already care for them on their own when I am on vacation, and love them as family members. But as for the snakes and any random lizards I may have, they also know where is, what pet stores are o.k. in our general area, and would sell them off. Any that aren't sold would be kept as they also enjoy snakes but just not as many as I have! LOL.

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I have ALL 6 (At the moment) of my reptiles sorted out & my Parrot. My step kids are having them split between them. No arguments, One has already spoken for the Parrot, One likes Colubrids & the other, the Boas. MORBID thought, but Gr8 Thread.

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