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Old 12-13-03, 02:32 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Cutest and saddest thing I have seen in a while

I was in my local pet store today. They had several Ball pythons in one enclosure. I asked about them and the guy working was excited to show them to me. They are wc so that turned me off a bit. One was in shed, more accurately done shedding,but with large pieces of unshed skin hanging everywhere. That is the sad part.

The cute part was while we had them out a small child maybe 4 or 5 came over and took one in his small hands. It was so cute, he held it so tenderly. Then he started squeling to his father, "can we buy the snakie?" His father said that they weren't set up for a snake yet but maybe later. I explained the setup requirements to the father, mainly to correct the many errors I overheard from the herp "expert" in the store. He seemed quite interested and receptive to my input.

Sorry about the rant but I needed to tell someone.
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Knowledge is power. Congrats on quelling the myths of snake ownership.
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Good for you.
I have the habit of talking to customers when I'm browsing too. I hear the idiot staff say blah blah blah, and after they leave I go tell the person the real way to do it
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same here, usually after they hear the real requirement and commitment (you usually have to feed baby MORE than 1 time a month. ) they decide not to purchase one at the time and I usually refer them to this website!
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that sounds great. but as the sad the part didnt sound to sad, that makes it even better
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Old 12-15-03, 11:19 PM   #6 (permalink)
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Location: SJ, NB
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the sad part was that there were like 10 bps of various sizes all in one poorly set up enclosure
Common sense, the least common of all senses
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Thats great that you corrected the staff!

I agree, its sad that stores cant take care of their animals properly. I have done that a few times(correcting staff for people) at pet stores. I went in to a PJ's Pet Center once and i was talking to the stores reptile "HEAD EXPERT" asking about a tokay and omg the guy didnt even know what it was, i was teaching him for 10 mins. He didnt even now what the word gravid meant. He said that tokays are friendly and dont bite. Im only 13 too. I thought this was rediculous. I feel sorry for all the animals being improperly kept by pet stores these days and wish i could buy them all(no money).

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ya its really funny going to petstores and talking to the head reptile person about there verson of proper care. I was once told you can keep an adult savanah moniter in a 20 gal tank ya right. it was good of you to correct the person thoe, honeslty there should be some sort of law about pet store staff being able to properly care for there reptiles there selling and to be able to provide accurate info.
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Very well done. But i think that you should've also approached one of the staff members of the store and explained the bad shedding situation to him/her, maybe the person didn't know any better either.

Still, thumbs up for the effort!
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