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hey i have the same problem with my toads (i know there not the same) there's this thing thats metle call'd a bird guard wip the mites off your snake lizard ect. put it in a box and put the bird guard in the locked up cage overnight the bird guard will kill all the mites after demite them one time a month by misting olive oil all over them let it set for 10 minites and then get it all off

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go to ... step by step insturctions to get rid of mites with nix.

gl! mites suck!
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1. Clean cages really carefully

2. give the snake a bath in nix and water

3. put water dish in the dish washer (you can put 10 gallon tank or smaller in there too)

4. Bake branches in oven at 120F for 1 hour

5. spray whole cage set up once you set it up with nix-water solution.

6. and stay the he|| away from me

Good luck

Jordan David M.

"I Don't Get Mad, I Get Even!"
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Yes, there are fish in the aquariums. Thanks, Zoe.
Tammy Rehbein
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dilute with one 50ml bottle to a gallon of water, spray the whole cage and all over the snake (yes including head, its just a soap so it won't hurt him, and they ahve protective eyecaps or whatever). spray the cage and him and the area around the cage once every 2 days for a week, then once every 5-7 days for the next month. after one spraying i doubt you'll see any more but just keep spraying, get it really good in the corners. don't soak him incase he drinks it cause it could be harmful. i did this exactly and ive never seen a mite since the first spraying
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Just thought I'd ad that you SHOULDNT!!!! spray the snake in the face - do it with your fingers. It's not the eyes that is the major concern (although eyecaps do absorb chemicals put on the eyes which isn't good), but the heat sensing pits. You don't want to be spraying nix into those. Spray the snake's body and do his head with your finger. Then rinse him well and let him soak in regular water for an hour or two - that will kill all mites.

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