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Sunrunner 12-12-03 06:27 PM

Quitting Smoking :)
I was just sitting here and thinking ... I smoked for almost 15 yrs ::eesh:: then 2 months ago I just quit.... (gained like 15 pounds) ;) mind you but I quit, 2 months today.
So if anyone out there wants to ... I am the primest example of a gurl who loved her smokes and still quit :) so likely you all can too :)
Thanks for the time.
And yes I know I am a Dork so no need to add that to the post :P

SerpentLust 12-12-03 06:50 PM

Congrats :)


Gaboon 12-12-03 07:12 PM


Im 18 and started smoking when i was 13. I quit almost two months ago on nov 2 :)

congrats and gl with it!

Sunrunner 12-12-03 08:15 PM

GL to u to Gaboon!!!!!
Great to see u quit so early into it less damage done.

Invictus 12-12-03 08:22 PM

Right on Sunrunner! Good for you!

I was also a smoker for a long time... 14 years. I quit 6 months ago, and have never looked back. I have a very addictive personality as well, so if I can do it, anyone can.

sapphire_moon 12-12-03 08:27 PM

I have been quit for over 1 year, just threw my last smokes and lighter out the window of a moving car. I had been smoking for about 4 years, but I was up to about 4-5 packs of them a day. I went to and the people there helped me to quit.

C.m.pyrrhus 12-12-03 08:30 PM

I have smoked, quit, smoked, quit, smoked and quit some more. Honestly, I love to smoke, but I do hate the ill problems that come with it. Good luck at your quitting....hope it takes.

Sunrunner 12-12-03 08:52 PM

See I understand as stupid as it sounds I liked smoking .... but i like not having cancer more :P
It is great to hear that all of you have quit as well... one thing have you noticed how much it stinks now you dont smoke it anymore? I can smell a smoker walk in a room.
(dont take offence smokers no bashing intended) Like i said I probably enjoyed smoking more than the avarage guy :)

sapphire_moon 12-12-03 09:00 PM

oh no, we have a cigg here called sweet cherry dreams.........when you light them they smelled like cherry's, and it left a cherry taste on your lips.....that was smoking....hmph....anyways......I personally still have cravings for them.....
Yes they do stink *no offence* my family sent me a package and when we opened it up I swear I seen the smoke just roll out of there, plus we had to wash what was in there........eck. It don't help that we work in a hotel and always have to clean the smoking rooms....gross.....and I could go on about chew!

sapphire_moon 12-12-03 09:02 PM

P.S they also come in, mint, chocolate, and vanilla...........grrrrr makes me want to go buy some.....

Nett 12-12-03 09:06 PM

Well....I think thats GREAT ....I have been smoking for 20 yrs on and off ......More on then off thats for sure .LOL

And about 3 weeks or more ago I just stoped...I havent even been keeping track of the days/weeks ........I figure I am just a non-smoker now and it doent matter to me for how long ;)

varanuskomodoen 12-12-03 11:38 PM

good job

Wuntu Menny 12-13-03 12:03 AM

Well, all this talk of smoking really makes me feel like stepping outside and having one. I think I will!

Yeah, that's right, I haven't quit. Wanna see something really scary? Me, after being denied nicotine for 24 hours! I don't think the world is ready for me to quit yet.


sapphire_moon 12-13-03 12:29 AM

No whats scary is that a baby can be born born addicted to nicotine. It's like a lessor form of a crack baby, a nicotine baby. Thats scary, so is being eaten from the inside out, I can deal with a person that is a b**ch from nicotine with drawls, I can't deal with anything I've said above.

Sunrunner 12-13-03 01:08 AM

I agree.... Sapphire 100%
and tell ya all I was the biggest bitch of all for a while due to withdrawl.

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