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Wish fire 12-12-03 05:01 PM

odd Ball's
Yesterday I took the day off school and went down to the local reptile shop and was playing with the snakes and stuff. And corect me if I'm wrong, Ball pythons are very docile, relaxed and very rarely nippy. But anyways Later on I went to PJ's pet shop in the mall, and they had just gotten in two baby Ball pythons. I went and talked to the shop keeper about them and asked what they're temperment was like, the guy was like they're viscious, you cant pick them up or even go into they're cage for that matter, they'll attack you. It made me so upset cause they were so cute and looked so innocent cuddled up in a corner. I honestly think they were abused before they came to the pet shop. And I know they will never sell because they're double the price of the Ball pythons at the reptile shop. And the shop keeper couldnt tell me where they were from. kind of suspicious:confused:
I was thinking of buying them and trying to gain there trust. I dont know if thats the right thing to do....anybody got any suggestions?


Dark_Angel_25 12-12-03 05:03 PM

if they are healthy ok, but if the shop powner didn't know where they were from... that is iffy.... any nippy snake may be tamed wiuth regular handling, but I'd be worried about disease...

Wish fire 12-12-03 05:05 PM

The shop keeper knew where they were from he just wouldnt tell me:S and I have no clue about diseases or anything....But thats not normal for a ball to be like that is it? (I've never seen one like that)

Turtle Matt 12-12-03 05:08 PM

At the same time, he could have just said that because he didn't feel like taking the snakes out..I've said that before to people..

Dark_Angel_25 12-12-03 05:09 PM

that's true.. Go back another time maybe this weekend and ask to hold them. and maybe try to work out a price... but any snake CAN be a biter... but Ball's are usually pretty good in that respect.

Wish fire 12-12-03 05:14 PM

couple of friends went in and asked about them different days and asked different of my friends witnessed them trying to attack the guy went in back to bring one out...

Soul_Reaper 12-12-03 06:02 PM

Unless the snakes are wild caught, BP's are usually very tolerable. But not female hisses and strikes at me whenever she's in shed. It doesn't matter how slow i try to pick her up or how gentle i am, she will not let me handle her when she's in shed. Period.

I think that for a Ball Python, my female is quite aggressive...unfortunately...i love her anyways tho! :)

morph 12-12-03 06:08 PM

If they are babies almost all snakes are pissy as babies. It's natural just look at their size they are afraid of everything and just trying too survive. They aren't crazy baby snakes they are just babies. And if they are adults they could still be a little nuts that would be like saying all people are level headed and I'll be the first too admit I'm definitely not.


gonesnakee 12-12-03 06:57 PM

Other than WCs they are usually quite docile. Sometimes sexually mature females will be bitey when ovulating etc. also. 9/10 BPs are wimps, thus their name, BP. They would rather roll into a ball & wait for you to go away than deal with ya. Mark I.

mykee 12-12-03 10:50 PM

Not to mention the fact that you said they we're just received, which means they were in transit (= stress). Check back in a few weeks once they've settled in.

Jeff_Favelle 12-12-03 11:02 PM

Its a BABY BALL PYTHON. Let it bite you. It won't hurt. LOL!!

But you are right, there are usually fairly docile and I've never really had a baby that would strike before recoiling up into a Ball. Weird. I would say bad husbandry. I mean, if its during the day and you can SEE it curled up in the corner sans hide spot? Yeah, not a great setup for a Ball Python, especially a baby.

Kathy 12-12-03 11:03 PM

I had a male who was raised in rubbermaids. When I got him, I put him in a display case, and he was QUITE pissy. Named him "Striker" because of it. I thought it might be just the stress of moving, but after a couple months it was clear he did not like being shown off (although hardly anyone ever came near his enclosure). Moved him to a rubbermaid, where he couldn't see out, and he was happy as a clam. He had all the same hides and everything in both the enclosure and the rubbermaid, and the temps were almost identical. Guess he just didnt like people looking at him

morph 12-13-03 12:46 AM

I find it funny everyone keeps saying "usually" that means not always. Baby balls I have dealt with are "usually" nippy, but it goes away quickly. Thats what baby snakes do they bite. They grow out of it though.


morph 12-13-03 12:48 AM

I just know I wouldn't be too happy at a petstore either esp. a PJ's in the mall with high traffic and probably no hides.


C.m.pyrrhus 12-13-03 03:34 AM

As for buying them, that is strictly up to you. Otherwise, newly 'imported' snakes will have a bit of stress so it seems logical that they are nippy. The husbandry can add stress as well if it is not up to par. Personally I would purchase from another source, even if you do feel a bit attached to these certain snakes.

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