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Completely Innacurate!!!

Someone on their site on yahoo has a general info sheet on pythons and boas. On the page with the reticulated python info it states that they grow very long(30 feet) then it says that annacondas GROW LONGER LIKE 50 TO 60 FEET!!!!! Here is the link, no way to tell anyone that it is innacurate.

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Here is the quote taken from: Im sorry but i could not find the authors name.

" The Reticulated Python is the longest snake in the world on record. Even thought there have been reports of the Green Anacondas reaching lengths of over 50 to 60 feet, but no Anaconda ever actually captured has ever been more than 30 feet. The Retic. can reach lengths of up to 30 feet, but they rarely reach over 20 feet".
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I'm not really a snake guy, but is this whacky??

"I have 2 Ball Pythons, both babies. I have them housed with my 2 baby Red Tail Boas / Mine are only about 18 inches long now and my 2 Boas are only around 24 inches long. They all get along great, never a conflict between them as of yet."
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Read that caresheet again. The info is accurate. Read it slow, it makes sense. Trust me.
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this is accurate the largest reported anaconda was reported shot by colonel percy fawcett in 1907in brazil 62 feet and another in peru shot by lange claimed to have measure 54 feet and yet another not shot but seen bythe explorer Graff in 1927 in around the same length.and one 37 feet reported shot in columbia in 1944.
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I have other four other accounts ranging from 38 to 33 ft as well
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Did he say that he was housing 2 Bp's and 2 RTB's together??
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Originally posted by Soul_Reaper
Did he say that he was housing 2 Bp's and 2 RTB's together??
yes he thats whacky..fritz..please become a snake own enough of them...please look into housing your snake important for them
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Fritz,Fritz,Fritz,Fritz,Fritz Time to go to the python forum and do some serious reading.
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