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Scotty Allen 12-07-03 08:49 AM

Daytona 2004
Check it out folks, just keeps getting bigger and better:

Better get your hotel rooms booked early.

Infectrix 12-07-03 09:49 AM

My girlfriend and I have made it our mission to attend this show next year. We live in Virginia however, and the trip alone is going to be interesting. Since the last Daytona show, we've been putting money away in a so called "NRBE 2004 Fund". Although there isn't much in it right now, there's still plenty of time :D. That show's gonna be wild and I'm not leaving (the show) empty handed that's for sure.

SCReptiles 12-07-03 10:26 AM

If you have never been, itís worth the trip. Barry, his wife, and I went last year. If they do the venomous in 2004, we will probably go again. It didnít really cost us that much. Probably $50 in gas and $50 for the motel. There is a days inn about 2 miles from the show that has good rates and itís a pretty nice place.

Scotty Allen 12-07-03 10:31 AM

Check out the link Chuck, the venomous show will indeed take place again this year, bigger and better. It's in the Ocean Centre this time along with the Breeders Expo.

SCReptiles 12-07-03 10:37 AM

Yeah, I know they are planning on it. But FL law makes it very hard to do venomous business in the state. At the show I think I saw 3 other people other then us that was actually buying anything. The venders canít make any money that way. I am not sure they will be excited about losing money again in 2004. =) I will not be surprised if they cancel the venomous part closer to show time. Also, the city wasnít thrilled that we were there. When we left the fish and game guy came out and took down our tag number and a Daytona city cop followed us till be we back on the interstate. With that type of crap going on, the buyers will not be excited about it either.

burmer 12-07-03 11:06 AM

I went this year and had a blast. I am looking forward to next year.

crimsonking 12-07-03 11:50 AM

I hope to see more of you next year!

SCReptiles 12-07-03 11:59 AM

All the ssnakess member get together for pics at the Canada shows. We need to do that next year at Daytona. Barry is fine amateur photographer.

RachelS. 12-07-03 12:18 PM

Mwahahahaha I'm gonna be there :D yay!

Who else is going?

ReptileHQ 12-07-03 12:31 PM

See ya there Scotty! I'm pretty sure that I'll be coming down with Wayne and a few others...should be fun.


Corey Woods 12-07-03 12:45 PM

I'll be their again this year............this will be my 5th year going.


Phox 12-07-03 08:47 PM

Ill definately be there :D

crimsonking 12-08-03 08:53 PM

Looks like I'll have to add to my sSnakesSs member give aways! Cool!

Shane Tesser 12-08-03 09:27 PM

I think this is the year we do the road trip Jeff...what do you think? You drive :P

mice4you 12-09-03 01:00 AM

I'll probably be going as well. Are you driving?


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