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You can now import to Canada!

I don't know what this means about shipping or buying and selling, but I know that it is now legal to bring over any reptile other than turtles and tortoises WITHOUT A PERMIT! Here's the quote:

"Please be advised that amphibians and reptiles (excluding turtles and tortoises) are no longer regulated under the Health of Animals Regulations and as a result, no Canadian Food Inspection Agency import permit is required, nor a health certificate and no inspection will normally be done at the border. Imports are permitted from any country, for any use, to any destination in Canada."

I just got off the phone with customs and the lady explained it all to me. She said it is a good idea to bring a printed copy of the web page just in case the border guards aren't familiar with the new rule yet. Here's the page:
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All this means, from what I can gather, is that a health certificate is not required to bring reptiles into Canada. You still need the CITES permits, which is always the biggest hassle of an over-the-border import anyway.
- Ken LePage
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lame. i thought this meant you no longer need a CITES. Oh well.
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The way I see it is that they were not meant to be food anyway so the Food Inspection Agency finally stopped wasting their time & worse yet our tax money. Mark I.
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Interesting... I've imported several times and never needed to deal with Ag. Canada except with turtles. I don't see that this actually changes anything, although it may formalize what has simply been policy for some time. Ag. Canada still restricts turtle imports, and you would still need to deal with CWS (and agencies in other countries) for CITES permits.

Jeff Hathaway
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How does this change shipments into Canada via air cargo? Does one still need a broker? Permits from the states?
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This is rather amusing as most, if not all, of the inspectors couldn't tell the difference between a leopard gecko and a fer de lance in the first place. I've never heard of a customs inspection where the inspector even knew what they were looking at even with the documentation.

Oh well, way to save those tax dollars!

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well alot of reptiles dont fall under cities. the most common anyway.
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I've dealt with this before, it is a simple case of the right hand and left hand having no Idea that they have another hand.

The information you got from CFIA is correct. They do not regulate herps other than turtles and tortoises any longer. It has been quite a while actually (more than 10 years I think), so this insn't really news.

However, CITES, and bringing any form of wildlife, colubrids included - still does require all that it used to as far as permits go.

Likewise, if you ask your provincial fish and wildlife to write import permits for turtles, they may tell you that you can import turtles, and neglect to mention the CFIA regulations - simply because they don't realize they exist. I know people who have got permits to import turtles, but not the CFIA permits (used to be called Ag Canada)

The Ag Can / CFIA turtle thing was implemented a long time ago to address salmonella (as far as I have been told). Other reptiles used to need permits I think, but now only turtles and tortoises.

They also state that you can't sell the turtle or tortoise, or any of its offspring. An inspection of the facility usually takes place - and they generally only grant permits for scientific or zoo use, however I've heard of a few people who got permits for pets.

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Old 12-05-03, 05:28 PM   #10 (permalink)
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Years ago you needed to get Agro Canada to inspect all herps coming to Canada.. It used to really slow things down...

That news is very old... It's been several years since Agro has inspected herps...
All other CITES, taxes and USF&W licenses and inspections...everything is still the same...
This change in policy is for something most users of this forum have never faced anyway
Uncle Roy
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CDN import permit is needed for chelonians only ($25), and CFIA will give it out no problem. Very little is asked from them. Other herps do not need an import permits from Canada, but still require to follow the US export regulations. CITES is CITES... completely different.

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