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I used to live in an old house that used to be a hospital back in the 50s. it was really odd.. things changing location unexplained, babies crying in the closet.. creepy eyes in the shadows.. anyways, cant explain most of it.

Also, when my ex-stepfathers' father died, an old clock in the closet that hadn't been wound in years started ticking, and the alarm donged at 3pm, which was almost to the minute as to the time of his death.. it was also the third day of the month..

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I've never seen anything. Even if something existed, I doubt I'd notice. I tend to think that people who say they see stuff are over imaginative, seeking attention, or just plain crazy.
I'm not entirely denying the POSSIBILITY of ghosts, I just have a hard time believing that if they DID exist, they follow people around and hide their cellphones. Wouldn't ghosts have better things to do and better places to go that peek at people through fog or shadows?

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Most of the times its all in your head. We see the typical ghost shows on TV, where you see people on the sides of roads on foggy nights, people walkin' on dining room floor, etc. etc. Most of the times when you're in a position like that, you think of ghosts and your mind messes you up. I personally had an experience with a buddy of mine. We were told by his mom that this one house on this island near their cottage was haunted. We decided to go look one day so we took the canoe and went off. Surely enough, somethin' which looked pretty human to us, walked right by a window inside the house. We both saw it. Can't justify it bein' a ghost however. Personally, I'm a firm beleiver of dreams. I have a tendency to dream somethin' that'll happen within that week. Stupid stuff though, like walkin' by a particular person while I'm carryin' an umbrella for example. Kinda like deja vu I've been intrigued by the unexplained and have many other stories to tell, just no time to type them out

Take care

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