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Never understood the fear of graveyards I mean really, you know for sure there all dead.... and think about it if you were a ghost (and no offence guys i do not believe) would you really wanna hang out in a dark gross cold graveyard or go somewhere really cool???
I had a friend tell me once that when a graveyard was made they would bury a young strong boy with a whip first that way when ever a soul tried to leave the graveyard he was there to herd them back.... now i dont believe this but i have checked out a few graveyards in my younger years out of curiosity of this superstition and the oldest grave there was always that od a young man.
go figure.......
Just my 2 cents worth
"Only through education do we teach the ignorant that which we love is not evil but wonderous"....

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I havent actualy seen one but there was one in my presence at my grandmothers house the room was dark but there was a little light over the dresser and there was no one else in the room with me and the itmes on the dresser started to move around and something fell off of the dresser...freaked me right out never been in there since..And my uncle and dad both used to live in haunted houses. pretty creepy
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A month or two after katey's dad died my ring that I had lost and he had found (he had mentioned that he had found it to katey but never had a chance to give it to her or I) suddenly appeared on a counter in the workshop. it hadn't been there before and no one put it there.
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I used to live in a house that was full of them, and they weren't the friendly type either. I was 4 years old and living in an old house on Whyte Avenue in Edmonton. At night (and I was FULLY awake mind you) I'd hear growling and scratching in the walls beside my bed. The growls were neither human nor animal. My CATS even refused to go into the basement, they would growl and hiss everytime the even got to the top of the stairs. And whenever I did venture down there, it was colder than most basements are, and the smell of rotting meat plauged the air. That was one experience. I'd have multiple attacks on me physically to the point where I'd be covered in scratches and sometimes even bite marks.

When I was 7, my grandmother was dying of liver failure, and I went to visit her in the hospital. It was a very disturbing site for a girl my age as she was hooked up to machines and riddled with jaundice. At about 9PM or so that night, I started vomiting uncontrollably and was bawling, because I knew that she had passed away. The hairs on the back of my neck rose and I turned to see my grandmother standing in the doorway. My grandmother told me to tell my mother that everything was going to be all right. I found out later in life that she died that night around that hour. *shudder*

I've had several more experiences than that, but, I think I'll save that for when I want to write a novel on paranormal experiences. *L*
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I have had way too many incidences to not believe...

In my room at night I hear stuff and see stuff... and no it's not my imagination. One night, I heard a crash and woke up and switched the light on to find a bunch of crap knocked over. I thought one of my snakes had gotten out, but checked all the cages and they were all there, safe and sound, and nothing was in my room :O.

And one time, I was talking on the phone with a friend of mine and my intercom beeped and it even wasn't plugged in or turned on!!! I heard it loud and clear and so did the person on the phone. We were both freaked out and I ended up throwing the stupid thing out of my room and it ended up falling down the stairs, haha.

Those are just 2 of several things that have happened to me... if you ask me, yes I believe in ghosts and yes I do believe in demons.
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After my dad died he came to visit me several times.

I also live in one of the most haunted cities- New Orleans!
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THANKS GUYS!!! now im not gonna sleep for months!!
lol..but seriously im not
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sometimes its conforting when visited My grandmother recently passed away and she was always telling us kids that she was keeping an eye on us so to speak when growing up(like keeping us from doing things weren't supposeto like sneaking ice cream etc.) Well anyways I know I've smelled her and felt her around when I go visit my Grandfather and I know I shouldn't be smelling her because he has all new furniture and new carpeting, and he was telling me how she has visits him sometimes, like he was in bed sleeping and he felt her crawl into bed with him could feel/hear the bed springs shift under the weight difference but my family has always "felt" things so I guess its just normal for us
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Guess we could write a book! (From Jan)
I saw the Titantic movie in a theater after it was released. At the end of the movie I remembered my former life, and in front of my 2 girls, and a friend, I stood straight up and said "I remember the ship breaking in half!" I was on that ship, I remembered my name, how I jumped off the ship, being in the water...(I died)
I had this other person LIVING in my head for 3 days until by a freak meeting with a person I told my story to, somehow everything settled down.
"SOMEONE" is a reincarnated spitfire pilot, shot down after the Battle of Britain, he loves WW2 planes, and had alot of dreams about being shot down by a yellow nose ME-109. (Oh yeah, that one part of the movie Pearl Harbor REALLY freaked him out!)
We also live with a ghost! She died here before we moved in. We have had a picture flying off a hallway wall 3 times, The Doc has had a penny dropped on him in the shower, Chistmas ornaments thrown around the apartment...and falling in my lap from nowhere! The picture is no longer in the hallway, and things have settled down after 5 years. Lots of surprises and loud thumps, but she has never hurt anyone.
I have seen my share of ghosts, we both have seen UFO'S, but thats my story, and I'm sticking to it. (It's the wierd stuff that makes life interesting!)
A herper has to know his own limitations, (NOT!)
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Well, as you know I live in Chattanooga, TN. There is a graveyard that I pass on my way home from the interstate. This one pre-dates the Civil War and many Confederate Soldiers are buried there. So I am coming home about a year ago. Just up from this graveyard a middle aged woman was standing beside the road in what looked to be a ball gown. Now, the thing is, this neighborhood is completely and I mean COMPLETELY black these days, and this was a white lady. I knew she was way out of place to the point that I was looking for a place to turn around to go back and help her. Then I recalled the graveyard and started to think about the gown she was wearing. I then laid down on the gas and got my Z71 up to about 100 MPH and went home fast as I could. Ha-Ha. Unfortunately, I live in a 150 year old house, so I still didnít feel too easy once I was home. Just this past Halloween the Chattanooga Talk Radio station was doing a segment on local ghost stories. This very graveyard is associated with a local legend of a women who was killed by her husband because he fell in love with someone else. There is a swamp just across the road from the graveyard and they say he pushed her in there and she died. Now she occasionally raises up. Not sure if it was her, but I am certain I saw a ghost or a badly made up white hooker that was being used in a prostitution sting.
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I don't have much to add, b/c my paranormal experiences have been mostly religious (and we don't want to go down that road), but keep it up guys. Very interesting stuff!!
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I work in a vary haunted hotel and yes i have seen a few ghosts one of a little girl and one of a man dressed in a tail coat tux.
The most freaky experience that i have had was when i was opening up part of the hotel and i was walking towards the light switch and b4 i even had a chance to get near it the lights and fans turned on. One time around 5 am I was in the storage room grabing a few things and I heard some person calling me and not one person was around. It freaked me out soooo bad I all most cried. This one time I had to fold a lot of napkins and stored them in the boardroom and left them to go finish something else and when I came back they were gone. I asked my co-workers if they moved them and they all said no and the next day they showed back up in the exact spot where I had left them. On one or more occasions I could smell cigar smoke really strongly yet not one person was smoking in that area infact most of the hotel is non smoking! so strange. Once down in the gift shop books flew off the shelf and hit my co-worker in the back. The books hit her so hard that they left cut marks on her back! Needless to say we were so freaked out we ran out of the store a.s.a.p! It's not unusual to experiece these things and yes I do belive in ghosts.
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This one time when I was opening one of the lounges (the day after halloween) the room was ICE COLD and there was no reason for it because the heat was on and all the windows were shut! It was like I walked into a freezer and all the hair stood up on the back of my neck. I have never felt that b4 that strong since then.
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When I will see one, I will believe it.
Same with ufo's. I do not deny the existence in fact, I think it is propable, but till I see one, I will not put my hand over fire to say I believe.
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I do have a lot of paranormal experience since I was little kid. I used to afraid of them. When I grown up, I understand them more and not afraid anymore. Also they know who can see them and who cannot; its like a radio frequency, some people tuned and able to receive the signal.

They like human have different characters. I used to have one always like to play with me, he liked to hide my stuff all the time- e.g. I put my cell phone on the table, within a blink its gone. Then I call "Give me back the phone! I'm waiting for a call!" Within a short while, the phone reappears. This become like an everyday stuff, of course some freaky stuff is no good to talk about.

Right now, when my friends want to buy a house or move into a new place. They always ask me to go to see anything "special" about the place. May be this six sense is going to follow me into the grave.....

Ha! Ha!
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