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I'm with the "nobody touches my animals without supervision" crowd. There are, of course, several people I would trust completely to handle my animals. I trust them that much, though, because even though they know exactly what they are doing, they STILL ask -- every time. It is basic respect.

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My snake room is locked, which in itself is a good idea. You see though, I have hots and do not want someone wandering into my herp room to take a gander. No way in hell. Same should go for anyone IMO. Just better safe than sorry..........

I have had friends do some crappy things like that too, but I am anal about my stuff that I work hard for and strive to keep in good shape, so therefor I guess I make them mad. But hey, my ***** is still here too. Go figure....
Good luck on getting that IJ in your sight soon, I know how crappy the situation is.
Beau Medlar

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Bring her to my snake room..there are snakes that would like to get their fangs into her I am I said before tell her and if that doesn't work ..hit her..
No one touches my snakes unless I say...why should you be any different
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Wow, the fact that you mentionned things to her from the start makes it even worse!

She closed a door on a snake's head???!!!! I probably would have slapped her myself!!! LOL I would have had a TOTAL COW seeing that!!!

Honestly, she sounds like the worse friend or even acquaintance to have around. If someone would show me such little respect, they wouldn't have made it into my place a second time.

I'm with Invictus on this one: ditch her! I would add A.S.A.P.!!! I sure wouldn't let her into my home ever again. If you are having these problems with her at the beginning of a so called friendship, I can just imagine that it would get worse.

Definitely someone you can do without in your life, unless you like being disrespected and enjoy frustration.

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Originally posted by Invictus
Ditch the beeotch.


Just talk to her i guess and be strict about it, if she still fails to follow your rules then i'd go with what Invictus
"Your heart understands what your head cannot yet conceive; trust your heart."
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Originally posted by Lisa
I'm thinking something slightly venomous.... she won't touch those.

Just kidding
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Seriously, if she's getting mad at you for telling her that she is ALLOWING YOUR SNAKES TO ESCAPE, then she can't be that great of a person. The fact that she hasn't apologized profusely should tell you something. You're completely within your rights to be protective of your snakes. I have a lock on Hux's tank, and Marla's is high up and large enough that people feel uncomfortable climbing on my desk and handling the unwieldy top.

Maybe next time you go to her house, take some of her stuff and hide it somewhere. heh.
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~"Interestingly enough, the only thing the bowl of petunias thought was, 'Oh no, not again.'" --Douglas Adams~
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Originally posted by Zoe
But there is no more ambiguity now, i was pretty clear. And if I don't find this snake before school on monday, i dont think i'll be talking to her anymore.

In retrospect, I waited too long to say something straight out about it... but I worry that IM overreacting, you know?

Zoe, glad there's no ambiguity any more, but i have the same problem with standing up to people, so i empathize w/you (altho i tend to stand up for my dog, my gex and my kids more than myself - lol).

you got it straight now, good for you - and i hope you find your baby soon...too bad some people don't realize the damage they can do with their ignorance.
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I can't believe you even let a person like that into your home. If she has already done all these things, frankly I would have beaten the crap out of her for even thinking about giving me attitude when I asked her not to touch them. Someone who has almost hurt my snakes, lost my snakes and then treats my house like hers? LOL black eyes here we come. She would never be allowed in my home again, I wouldn't even want her on my msn.

It sucks you know people like that, I would ditch them right away. I totally agree with Invictus post.

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I'm with Invictus, with friends like those, you sure don't need enemies. Man, if anyone closed a door on one of our snakes' heads, I would knock the person's teeth into the back of their head.
Erin Keller :eb:
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