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Super Genius
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Jordan, hop on off of that soapbox. I've eaten snake before and thought is was quite good.
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I don't think I'd ever eat snake or any reptile for that matter. As it is, I'm heavily contemplating vegetarianism, simply because lately I have trouble eating meat. I just have a problem with the way the meat is slaughtered and such. Like chickens.

I do like meat, but I hate what the animal has to go through for us to enjoy a meal.

"A rattlesnake that doesn't bite teaches you nothing."
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I never have but I would try it if I had the opportunity
Is it red or white meat?
It's not that I'm lazy; it's that I just don't care.
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I agree with Zoe, Solid Snake could have posted something better.

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Only when the last tree has died, and the last river poisioned,
and the last fish caught
will we relize we cannot eat money.
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i think anyway
Only when the last tree has died, and the last river poisioned,
and the last fish caught
will we relize we cannot eat money.
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don't think I could eat snake...but I have never had the opportunity either. My dad keeps joking about roasting my brb and it pisses me off every time...grrrrr
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I had a bottle of rattlesnake brand beer (no rattlesnakes were involved in the process of brewing, bottling or drinking).

I don't think i could eat a snake... iguana maybe, but not snake.
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I have ate both and it is a nice white meet..."when in Rome"....anyways, lighten up people no offence was meant to anyone I am sure, you would be amazed what people eat and how they eat it makes the world interesting.
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id rather eat a fried tarantula or scorpion then a snake!
by the time you have
finished reading this you realize
that you have wasted
5 seconds of your life
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I have had crocodile in Kenya.... it was nile croc ..that was farmed .... it was actually quite good ..I was surprised ... I recomend it to anyone ..however I would not eat croc meat in canada ...who knows where it came from
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Homer J.
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I never ate snake meat but I ate snappingturtle when I was a kid. I remember eaing alot of it so I either really liked it or was very hungry lol
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When I first moved to Florida I tried gator and rattlesnake that my neighbor had made. I enjoyed but have never eaten it again.
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Yes, numerous species. Have I or would I ever kill a snake for the sole purpose of eating it? No. Would I even consider trying the canned rattlesnake that is produced from the infamous "rattlesnake roundups" in the US? Not on your life. Maybe one day snake will be farmed for the leather and meat industry like alligators, crocodiles, ostrich, etc. etc. but I don't see this happening with snakes, just too expensive to feed long enough to grow to marketable size.
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I don't know about that, Scotty. My ex-husband grew up on a dairy farm and their cattle would each eat about $80 worth of food a week. That was prior to 1979 when he moved away and went to college. The costs must have skyrocketed since then.

That's way more expensive than feeding snakes.
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