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Unhappy quaker parrot needs help

My friend has a quaker parrot male (they think) about 7 year old these are his symptoms

lathargic, drinking a lot, his pee doesn't have the white part in it, he was throwing up but that has stopped witht he anti nausia medicine, he's not as talkative, he sits closer to his perch, sleeps a lot, and drinks much more, it seems as thought he last few weeks he's been losing his eye sight

I asked how they kept him they said in a cage

does any one know anything about birds they have a vet appointment on monday they took him to the hospital but they are not specialists so they just put him on some antiboitics

mabey someone knows a bird forum i can refer them to

thanks in advance

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I don't know about birds, but Johnnym1972 breeds parrots. Maybe pm him. He may be able to help.
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Kidney disease is fairly common in Quakers fed on seed-heavy diets. That is a strong possibility but only bloodwork can tell if that's the case and if so, what is to be done. Keeping the bird as well hydrated as possible will help somewhat until the vet appointment.
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Well Its good to hear they are taking him to the vet!!!!! Birds hide their illnesses very well and usally will only show signs of being sick when it starts to get too bad for them to hide any longer...this is the point your friends parrot is at...How old is this bird...I would suggest to keep the bird hydrated to mix in some either gatorade or pedialyte into its water. How old is the bird? And make sure that the bird stays warm , so putting a towel over one side of the cage at all times to where he sits mostly is a good idea this is NOT a good time to get a draft.You could also put a heating pad over the top of the cage with a towel on it, on a low setting for a while, but dont leave it un attended. Also, where does your friend keep the bird in the house? Kitchen? Bed room? Near a window? Their are so many things that can harm birds, most that people dont know about....Teflon cookware is a bad one...The fumes give off toxins to a bird, also maybe the bird got into something thats toxic to him? Maybe chemicals or soemthing as simple as chocolate or advocado? I wish i could help more, get back to me....
Ps. What are they feeding him as a main diet and what does he get for treats.....Could it be a crop infection? Is the bird recently comming off of hand feedings?
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i don't know if anti nausient is the best thing to give. when my cat was jaundiced with a liver problem he was throwing up bile because his liver couldn't process it and was turning yellow because the bile had to go some where. if i had given him an anti nausient the bile would have been stuck in his system instead of on the floor.
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k guys umm here this is more info if it sounds weird its because i just copied it from our msn convo...

and we were told that birds do hide their illnesses until it's too late almost or until it's gotten bad because they don't show signs of weekness in the wild

well it's a mixture of seed, suinflower seeds, dried fruit and some other things they put into bird food

he does eat a lot of people food, all that is ok for him that is
we know all the stuff that's dangerous to birds

and the hospital doctor knows all that and set that's fine
and that we should still give him it so he doesn't get further stressed out

of course if he's wanting it

and they told us while he's sick not to give him a bath or anything so he isn't cold at all
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Best vet I have found so far is Richard from Cavan Hills Vet that is good with all species of birds. I take my Cockatoo to him regularly.
If you need a number email me at

For now tell them to get the bird off of the tap water and give him Bottle water. As well cut out any extra treats and give him strictly the pellets.

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Not to worry you, but I did have a maroon bellied conure that died a few years ago that exhibited similar symptoms. Drinking a lot of water and very lethargic. Fluffed feathers and became increasingly disoriented. I noticed the symptoms at around 1 am when I got home from work. Paged the emergency bird vet and by the time they got in at 7 am the bird had passed. After a necropsy, death was determined to be visceral gout. The vet said it was a result of fatty seed based diet and that the kidneys failed which explained the dehydration symptoms. I fed a mixed seed and pelleted diet with fruit and vegetables but the bird typically only ate what it liked, primarily safflower and sunflower seed. The equivalent of bird junk food. I felt horrible because the death could have been prevented if I'd been willing to work with the bird to change bad eating habits (no seed, only pelleted food and fresh veggies).

Hope the vet can give you better news! Good luck with your Quaker.
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