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Old 11-29-03, 02:49 PM   #1 (permalink)
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What Do I Do!!!?!?!!?!? UPDATE

well the heating company came.. I watched everything.. turns out that the wiring in the house is all screwy and the furnace WAS installed correctly..the wiring was grounding on a heating duct and shorting out so the burners were on, but the blowers weren't hence the heat in the BASEMENT and not really as hot anywhere else..

I had told the landlady the wiring was faulty last year about this time when the old furnace wasn't turning on at all then would then wouldn't etc.. so now I've got a case against the complex owners.. Rental Housing Tribunal is gonna have a field day with this one.. (tons of not to code problems in my unit alone)

Sad as this sounds I'm more upset about my son not having his Xmas gifts then I am that the snakes are dead..

*good note* I just went down to check to see if they are stiff yet and they aren't.. which means (I'm hoping here, give me a break) they might not be completely dea.. just in shock , or brain dead . If brain dead they will be euthanized Monday (vet says I give them 48hrs to deshock).
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hopefully they're just in shock, best of luck with the land lady.
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Sorry to hear about it Renee. All the best!
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hope all turns out well for you
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Well I just went down to check.. total death count is now
1.2 adult corns
0.2 hatchling corns
2.2 hatchling grey ratsnakes

As well as 23 zebra danios, plus unknown amounts of fry, and 9 firebelly toads because the fishtank they live in got too hot..

Total $$$ lost at WHOLESALE pricing
$300 adult corns
$150 baby corns (higher end morphs)
$40 grey ratsnakes
$30 firebelly toads
$200 zebra danios (fully grow breeders and fry)

At retail that's about double..PLUS the lost income from next year since my breeders are all gone
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Thats horrible Renee...are the coastal pythons(is that the other ones you had?) doing ok?
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sue love, sue
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I'm still not buyin' it. If there was wiring issues, they should have been discovered at install. Did they not test the unit completely before signing off on the job?

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Old 12-11-03, 01:10 AM   #9 (permalink)
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Yeah, you said it! I'm in the controls business.
What kind of back woods idiot installs a residential system without functionally testing the system and thermostat through several cycles.
It's unheard of.
Sorry to hear about the bad news Renee!
Uncle Roy
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I'm really sorry about your losses Renee, sue them!
Erin Keller :eb:
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Old 12-11-03, 10:10 AM   #11 (permalink)
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Well here's another update..

They are saying they have no record of me calling to complain about the faulty wiring in the house last year, or anything this year (forget that if you walk too hard near my Xmas tree the plug shorts out cause of loose wires!). THEN they started on the "no authorization to run a business out of my house" crap..

I'm just so sick of this bs.. I'm tempted to move from here (other issues like the gas bill being stupid high cause the house is like paper thin!) and just say screw it.

I see my lawyer about things next week.. who knows.. maybe she'll come up with something.

I just don't have time for this with the divorce and everything else that's going on.. *crys*
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I'm so sorry to hear about all that is going on. It's awful to loose a pet not to mention multiple pets. I deffinatly feel for you on going through a divorce their horrible I've been there and it was hell but i can promise you things will get better. If you ever need someone who understands just drop me a PM or email....

Laura-Lee L
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