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What Do I Do!!!?!?!!?!?

Yesterday they installed this brand new super duty furnace to replace the one that's been in here since before my folks and I lived in this house 22 years ago! Well with the old one I had to crank it to btwn 25-30 just to get 20 degrees.. IF I got that temp at all! Well with the new one I've got to keep the thermostat set to OFF, and have all the fans running...all the afternoon yesterday the furnace was comepletely, as in flipped the main power switch in the basement, off. I came home from groceries last night and checked the temps in here.. about 15.. so I turned it back on thinking it would be ok.. YA RIGHT.. after 20 minutes of being on again it was back to 30 degrees!.. So all the fans went back on and the vents got closed from the basement, which is now all nice and warm too.. heck even my kitchen floor that was ALWAYS cold is warm. I don't need to use any UTH heating for my snakes or turn on the heat light on the firebelly toads/fish tank. Last night the cages/tanks were all 28-30 without heating.. not too bad.

Well about 9:45 this morning I headed into the basement to do some laundry and it was over 50 degrees! Let's just say I know the smell of COOKING SNAKE.. 2 hatchling corns, 4 hatchling grey ratsnakes, 2 adult female cornsnakes are all DEAD.. I managed to (hoping here) save my adult male corn, and my 1.1 coastal carpets. They are moving still, and breathing.. but JUST BARELY alive..

I see a small claims court issue with the heating company for improper installation (it's not even connected to the thermostat!) now that over $600+ in family PETS are dead..

I am horribly upset.. Any ideas on what I can do to possibly help the snakes that are still alive? I put them in a tub of warm water then slowly cooled the water down as I don't want to shock their systems any more than they've already been.. turned all the heat off..

*trying not to cry here, but those were my son's Xmas gifts and my pets..* I don't have money to be throwing around like that..

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That's awful Renee. Keep doing what you are and good luck. I hope the furnace company is held accountable....

My condolences.
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Bet of luck Renee. Keep us posted.
I'm sorry about the loss.
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that really sucks. I would contact the instalation company before going to small claims as you could be waiting 2-3 years before it gets to court.
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Oh wow, Renee I'm soo sorry to hear about that. We're getting a new furnace installed either later today or later next week.

What you're doing sounds fine to me. Keep them dark and quiet.
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What's a new furnace cost these days anyways? we're going to need one in the next few years.
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Originally posted by Lisa
What's a new furnace cost these days anyways? we're going to need one in the next few years.
I was quoted $2500 for a oil one with a new tank and installation.
I decided to stick with wood for now.

Very sorry for your loss Renee
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Big time sh**ty!! Definitely pursue the furnace installer for compensation. Have an independent inspector check out the original install and document his observations. You will need this if you have to go to court.

I would contact any related organizations for suggestions and input. Consumer and Corporate affairs might be a help, BBB, your munipality's permit and inspection dept. , and there is likely a provincial association that oversees and enforces standards in the HVAC industry.

After making the rounds, I would contact the incompetent installer and give them the option of settling the issue out of court before proceeding. If they make the wrong decision, it will cost you in the neighborhood of $25 to file your claim and start the legal ball rolling.

Again, sorry for your losses. The preventable ones are certainly the hardest to deal with. I hope it all works out.

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OMG Renee, that's terrible I'm so sorry...
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dam thats gotta suck. sorry for your loss. good luck with the health of the snakes .
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wuntu is right, have a different contractor examine the installation and document. Be present if possible and don't be afraid to ask any questions you might have. There are alot of heating and cooling contractors out there that are at best semi-competent . I think that a call to the better business bureau would be a good idea too.

I am really sorry for your loss
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What a sad time it must be for you....the installer is liable and he should him first ..a settlement will always be less costly than court
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Omg Renee, I am so sorry!! That is awful! My deepest condolences. I feel terrible
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Thats just horrible... I can't even imagine what you must be going through. I feel so bad for you....
I agree, try to get a settlement. You really deserve compensation for this, even though money can't bring back the snakes. Best of luck to you... I'm so sorry.
Tammy Rehbein
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That's really sad Renee. I would talk to the furnace people first. Give them the chance to make it right. If they're difficult then take them to court. If they care about their reputation, they'll make it right. Have you already paid for the furnace?
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