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To med or not to med

I was talking to a friend today(an experienced and respected herper)and I mentioned that I try to do all I can do medically for a sick snake(or reptile) including injections and all other MODERN techniques of reptilian veterinary medicine. He was of the opinion that he tries all husbandry techniques but will NOT give injections or any human medical relief to the reptile..."I will make it comfortable and if it dies it dies" ...It , he feels it is unethical to try to save it with human interferance....I must state that this friend of mine is a great guy and a real pro when it comes to Reptile is just his differs from mine but is just as valid(this is in no way an attack to please don' take it that way)

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This is JMHO but i feel when you take on the responsibility of a pet be it a dog,cat or reptile of any sort, I feel you are responsible to offer and make available any and all care when and if that animal becomes sick. I can't imagine not doing everything humanly possible to save one of my pets.

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I say the same thing but ...that's why I posted this topic to see what others was not alone in his opinion where I was...neither was I
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I also believe that you do everything that is within your power to help a sick animal and don't worry about what is "natural".

Withholding veterinary care is against most animal cruelty statutes too, so what this person is doing might be against the law in his area.
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If my animal is suspected of being sick it goes to the vet ASAP!!!! If it needs meds they get them.
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You know the thing that I always find disturbing...Most animal statutes/laws don't consider reptiles as animals or pets that need to be protected....if you were to throw a sick dog into the freezer you would be fined or jailed...if you do the same to a snake what...even in the eyes of a government agency....see what happens if you beat a cat to death with a shovel because it startled you while gardening
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I think that if you take something into captivity be it cat or snake then you take all responsibility for it and that includes medication. You can't really "let nature take it's course" when it's not in's in captivity, it don't have the same bacteria and things that would normally help it live....
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Nice ethical question, chas*e! I know many keepers that share that view. I'm of the opinion that, as a keeper, you bear the responsibility of providing any means available to you to provide the best environment and opportunity to thrive as you possibly can to your charges. I absolutely abhor the "disposable herp" mentality that dominates our hobby these days.

Personally, I've spent in excess of $300 to treat a single issue for an animal. I know many of you have dedicated more than that and I applaud and respect your efforts to ensure your animals have the best treatment available. I do, however, take exception to the individuals that choose to provide the bare minimum and let nature take it's course. After uprooting these animals from their native environs, I feel that it is our responsibility to provide the optimum chances for their survival and reproduction to perpetuate their respective species thereby ensuring their genetic legacies.

Additionally, I feel its high time that herps received the same considerations as mammals and birds when it comes to the "Animal Welfare Act" and the rights and considerations stated therein !!

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