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Old 11-27-03, 09:06 AM   #16 (permalink)
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Join Date: Nov-2003
Location: Hamilton, Ontario
Age: 44
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Although they were both rescues, I guess the iguanas were the best deal. Sid, 3.5 foot male (at the time) with some lighting, supplements, litter box, etc. for free.\

Bobbie-Jo came with the enclosure, all the lighting, supplements, etc. for free also. I think when people want rid of their iguanas, they will do anything to get someone to take them.

I also got a baby Peach-Faced love bird, brand new cage and all the accessories for free..................but my favourite deal, Mary Jane. The Chilean Rose tarantula with her tank and everything included, for free.

Sarcasm is just one more service I offer.............
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Join Date: Nov-2003
Location: Montreal, Quebec
Age: 40
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Mine is well this:

A praying mantis,equipped enclosure, gut loading kit (and I think the cage for the crickets) AND this summer, 2 normal leopard Geckos.
The Mantis and kit I insisted on paying for but still getting it for $5, and the Leo's well they'll be free from Emily!!

*huggs Emily*
If toast always lands butter-side down, and cats always land on their feet, what happens if you strap toast on the back of a cat and drop it?"
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Old 11-27-03, 11:38 AM   #18 (permalink)
Join Date: Jan-2003
Location: Sheffield, England
Posts: 132
My best find was our strange 'bubble' snake house - it's a laboratory glass vessel which they were going to trash at work, so I rescued it - FREE to a good home! Mine!

"If you think you can't afford it, you just don't want it badly enough..."
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Old 11-27-03, 12:05 PM   #19 (permalink)
Join Date: Feb-2003
Location: Toronto
Age: 35
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Thats neat, I've never got any good deals, but sure have given out a few

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Join Date: Sep-2003
Location: Stratford, Ontario
Age: 33
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thats real nice what uve done with that brig! i acctually have one similar to that but only use it for crickets?!?! mabey when i get more room ill make into sothing cool.... by the way i thought i got a good deal but now all u ppl are just making me jealose!! lol
Royce 4 life!! BEEF!!

What I got...
0.1 evil feline
1.0 hedgehog
1.2 leopard geckos
1.1 emerald swifts
0.0.1 blue tailed skink
2.1 fire belly toads
0.0.1 fire belly newt, eatern newt, oregon newt, mudpuppy
and lots of fish...
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Join Date: Nov-2003
Location: Toronto. Canada
Age: 35
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That is one hell of a deal indeed! Damn! Now i'm!
"Your heart understands what your head cannot yet conceive; trust your heart."
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Join Date: Jun-2003
Location: Carlisle, Ohio
Age: 29
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i got a 30 gallon tank, light fixture and 2 bulbs, antique stand to set the tank on, 2 tile substrates, 2 heat rocks, a bunch of fake plants and branches and a water and feeding bowl for $10

best deal i ever got on anything.
Bud Wells
1.2 leopard gecko
1.0 tokay gecko
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