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ahhh i'm terrified i go back to school tomorrow

Well i've finally decided to go back to school. I figure the kids are old enough now. but man i'm sooo terrified about tomorrow. Need to finish up a few HS credits and then off to college or university we have to see which. Has anyone here ever gone back after omg it been 10 yrs since i've been out. I guess i'm just hoping to get a little pep talk from some of to boost my confidence. I am worried about my disease getting in the way of me doing this i have (fibromyalgia) and i use a cane at times. I just hate the looks i get because of my age, ppl think i'm faking it. So i'm hoping some of you have some good advice about going back to school. I am so torn about this. I'm excited but terrified about it all. thnks for reading i just needed to let this out.

Laura-Lee L
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Good on ya! I'm a teacher and I think you going back will help kids at risk. I wen't back at the age of 19 to up grade my math. It wasn't easy sitting in a grade 10 class with a bunch of 15 yr olds. I stuck with it went to university the next year and now I'm a teacher. Every time I saw a kid screwing up I would always say to them, "Do YOU want to be 19 in a grade 10 class?" I would tell them that I used to act like they were and that's why I was back. It got through to a couple of them. Your sittuation may be totally different from mine as to why you are going back but the point is you are. Remember no matter how hard it seems at times you are doing the right thing! Stick with it and keep us posted. If every you need a boost drope us a line!
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Good for you!! Who cares what other people think? Your the one who has to live with yourself. Go for your goals and DON'T LOOK BACK!.
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Are you going to an adult school or a regular high school? One thing is, always be funny. You'll soon "fit in" as best as you can without any problems.
Jon Dona

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Congrats on going back to school :thumbsup:

I did so too a couple of years back after 11 years + of being out of school and it was quite the experience!

I loved it and am sure you will too It can be quite scary when you've been out of the "loop" for some time but trust me, you'll get back into it really fast.

Personally I found I liked it so much better going back to school older. I did it because I wanted to and took it way more seriously. It also showed immensely in my grades.

Good luck and keep us posted

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awesome! it's time to conquer that part of your life. we believe in you.
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go for it! I got my double BA at 42yo MA this May and second MA next december lol. I love college and no one but freshmen think I'm stranger than I really am lol.
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I'm going to Adult school first, and then will possibly enroll as a mature student in college.
Thanks everyone for your support. I know that i can do this it's just that my family is a little over pertective of me due to my illness. Thanks for all the kind words of encourgement.

Laura-Lee L
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I have faith in you girl, you know how to get me if you want to talk. Keep smilin'

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im 20 and went back to school..its funny to see me in a class with 15 yr
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