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Smile Toronto Reptile Show pics coming soon!

Sorry if you thought these were the pics...but ive yet to work on them! Infact, i still have not presented the last shows pics, or the totally pets show pics either. Im sorry for my lack of speed as i know alot of you really like these threads and i promise, all pics will be up within the next two weeks. With that, i will also be uploading from my collection of show pics one older show that is not in the gallery...and ill get that fixed as soon as i can as well.

This show was a blast, and i have just uploaded the pics and went through them all one at a time. Unlike the other shows where i usually take in the 500-600 range of pics, this one only has 195. Infact, the pics are unusual in that there is only a handfull that were taken in the show, the rest are of the members afterwards in the bar. If i could describe these photos in one simple would have to be X-Rated. Unfortunately i cannot show some that i took in my drunken stuper...although im sure alot of you out there would love to see them. First and foremost i want to uphold the family values of the site, secondly i would need permission from those involved as i am not about to give them out. For those of you who have never made it downstairs to the bar after a show it is a definate must! Its here that you gain a real look into the lives of the ppl that you talk to everyday. On my way home in the wee hours of the morning, dreading my day at work with a hangover, i thought about alot of things that this show opened my eyes to.

As i sat, surrounded with about 40 members at one time during the evening, i started to think about how this all came to be. As we approach our second year anniversary i was humbled by all that Jeff has achieved with this site. I mean, if you think about it...what is really? Its an information site that ppl gather in to discuss like minded hobbies. But it really dawned on me last night that it really is so much more. The sence of community that is shared amongst our members gives my shivers. All these ppl, talking, laughing, hanging out. It was like a super extension of my family. It blows my mind that a simple group of code off of Jeffs fingers, and out of his head created a family like ours. Last night i watched friendships blossom. I watched a couple of ppl fall in love. I witnessed connections made, and paths of life that would not normally cross. How amazing has this thing really become! I guess in the last while ive taken it all for granted. Well last night has opened my eyes and i feel that i have to do something about it. As our anniversary is in March, i think we need as a community a real night out to party. So, in the next few months to come, im going to work closely with jeff to arrange just an event. Im sure he sees $$$ before his eyes now...don't worry dude, i gotcha covered

So now that im about done rambling i would like to simply say thanks. Hey, its all of you that has made this what it is. Its a truely amazing thing that we have here. Next time you come on the site, think about who you have met, and realize that this is truely a community that goes further then just the person behind the keyboard. Thanks for a great time everyone last night. Thanks for the many beers that were drank, laughter that didnt end, and for letting me be a small piece of it all. As for Jeff...your vision lives man, well done know im proud

Okay...mushy #$%^ i know...maybe im still drunk!!!
Thanks for reading!
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woohoo! pics for people who weren't unban me from chat danmit!!!! lol JK
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*wipes away a tear*
Awww... that's really sweet!

Yay!!! I really thought that you would never upload the September 3rd show photos but I'm more than thrilled to hear that you actually will soon YAY!!!!

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asphyxia's Avatar
Join Date: Nov-2002
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Well said Shane,

Next time I'm going solo. the kids can fend for themselves. lol

I am curious as to how the site did all start..was it over a few beers or what, inquiring minds need to know

See you soon
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Well said Shane! Go figure, the one show that I made it out to after joining Ssnakess, nobody even came down to the bar after the show! ARRRGH... lmao. Well, not nobody Beejay came down

Anyways, can't wait to see those pics!
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Amen, just make sure I am able to get to this party thing, a good bar party aint good without me

Congrats ladies

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lol well said Shane!!

Brian, heh I wish I had some wonderfull story to tell about how it became but it kind of just came to while sitting in my basement probably in my pj's and a dirty t-shirt... then next thing you know we are where we are now!! lol!! is offline  
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Wow Shane... that was a very heart-warming speach!! I have never felt love from any forum but this one, and I'm glad I'm a member of it. If it weren't for you guys I don't know where I'd be right now, or how I would feel. Thanks for everything!
Btw, I'll see if I can come to the little anniversary thing if you plan one up!

Now get those pics!!
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always looking forward to seeing what went on at other shows around Canada.
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about time man! you lazy @$$ :P
Jordan David M.

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Well said Shane! Can't wait to see the always hehe
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*sheds a tear* awwwwwww

You top my list of cool dudes Shane. Thanks for the grub, the ride and for all the other fun!! I guess this is where I sign on the dotted line, eh? LOL You have my permission to post any pics you have of me from the day of the expo.

Hogs and quiches,
~Bj xox
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Old 11-25-03, 02:09 AM   #13 (permalink)
Join Date: Aug-2002
Location: Ontario
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Shane was at the show yesterday??? You're kidding right?? Weird, i didnt even see him.. Only guy i know that goes to a herp show to sit in the Bar with guys named Guy.. Rodney Dangerfield revisited.. Looking forward to seeing the pics you managed to take bro..

I think we've all built some strong friendships and shared a heap of laughs with the people we have met off the site! Thanks to everyone who makes this place what it is..
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Next time...arrange something out west.... ;p
I am highly prized for my meat. :eb:
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*wipes the tears away*

Shane that post sums it all up...

......ReneeB.......... well I guess that would be IN the dotted line but you get the picture.. (actually I think you got more than a few!)

and yes some ppl fell in love.. some had fun.. some well got more than just fun/.. lol

GREAT show.. (side note: being single has many +++++)
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