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yeah some things are cheaper.. some things arnt really... i saw some amazing red beardie babies for 75... at ruffins in stratford we sell regular babies for 99
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and lots of fish...
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From the GREAT State of Washington...
We just went to a herp show in Oct... (In Puyallup) Saw a lot of cool critters, just nothing we were interested in, or wanted to buy.
We did notice there was only ONE baby hognose for sale, the year before there were NONE. Turns out that "the powers that be", passed a law, naming the hognose a Venimous snake... and they cannot be bred or sold in this state! Turns out the seller had 5 more which he sold for $250.00 each as soon as he was told about the law....(YES, he got ticketed for the snakes)... but he made more than enough to pay for the ticket, with a BIG profit left over. (He was selling them for $100.00 each to begin with)
(We had bought our "RED PHASE" Dusty hog from Richard Evans from West Texas Reptiles a year before, so we didn't get caught up in this "sting". ) Take care.... The Doc and Jan
A herper has to know his own limitations, (NOT!)
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i know how many people ask questions and make new threads for things that have already been asked and answered many times before, all it takes is 5minutes to look up and down the forums to find the exact same question..did i do something wrong? no.
yes you did, I too know how to use the search feature. A real quick search of threads you started are "how do I post pictures", "how do I raise humidity", your personal use of search is now suspect as these have also been answered many times before you ever joined. You can run to another site an complain how badly you were treated here, but your not going to be allowed to castigate someone for something you have done as well without getting called on it.
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maiden_canada, in case you haven't noticed this thread is getting a good amount of traffic and responses so it's obviously a topic of interest to many of the site members.

Please do not tell other members what they may or may not post, you are out of line.
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Only unexpected thing I ended up with was this little monkey Thanks again, Mike (aka Dozer)!

<img src="">
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wow beutiful what did u call her/him?
Kayla Young
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Linds, your "monkey" is drop-dead gorgeous! Nice crisp saddles and great depth of color. I'm quite jealous.
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Thanks! Yeah she was a great score LOL... wasn't planning on getting a corn and was pretty well broke but it was a killer deal I couldn't pass on No name yet, hopefully soon enough, but I have to wait for jsut the right one. I still have some that haven't been named in years
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The first 2 names that popped into my head were Bongo and George since you used the word monkey , but I'm not sure either are appropriate for a female. Guess you're on your own for this one.
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Talking @$$

Originally posted by maiden_canada
do you get herps there cheaper then usual? ......... ''what did you get at the show'' a mod should just take all the post from all of them and form them into one.
1st quote......wouldnt your all so powerful search told you this......SO DONT POST IT **snakehunter says in mocking winey voice

2nd quote.....different shows, different locations etc. just b/c you think it would be easier doesnt mean it is, now if there were a show forum, for reptile show parafenalia that would be different

dude congrats on the hedgie, their awesome, good luck with him.
I got a bunch of snakes and a bunch of guns
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Very nice Linds, she would be perfect for my little male. Congrats!!
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Very cool, I've always wanted a hedgehog. The "unexpected" buys of mine I'd have to say are my 1.1 Ball Pythons. I knew that I was going to a reptile show and I wasn't going to leave empty-handed, but, I really wasn't expecting those two sweethearts.
Erin Keller :eb:
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I stayed away from the show because it was the only way I could avoid falling to temptation. There are things I want, others I simply must have but stupid Christmas has to be paid for. Of course Christmas was the excuse my wife and I used to buy eachother a snow corn a couple weeks ago.

Props to Reverend on the vocab word of the day: "castigate"
Can you say castigate boys and girls?lol! Too bad it was wasted on someone who probably thinks it means playing with yourself. Way to go on that written pimpslap Rev.! I have another thing that we can use the search for, let's search Maiden's posts for one where he actually contributes to the discussion... could be a long search.
I feel a little light headed... maybe you should drive...
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