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Old 11-24-03, 09:06 AM   #31 (permalink)
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Originally posted by boa
I picked up a carpet python thanks burmese python,9 foot male granite albino burmese python thanks jean hamel,huge female suriname thanks ron,3 foot guyana red tail thanks mike,and a sweet yearling green tree python thanks alot trace and chris marshall,and a leopard gecko thanks linda,male adult ball python free thanks luck.
See you all at the show on feb 20 2004.
Nice acquisitions Shawn!
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I did go to the show but didn't really buy anything, except for a few rat pups...

I had fun tho!
"Your heart understands what your head cannot yet conceive; trust your heart."
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Originally posted by nuno
Once again a good show has come and gone. I wanted to thank Grant, Jeff, Chris, Mark, Matt K, Nick and anyone else that I may have forgotton for a job well done, It was a pleasure to work with you all.
It was nice to see everyone again and getting to chat with you all was great.

Oh yeah! I picked up a stunning BCI

Post a pic of the BCI !!!!!
Jon Dona

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Old 11-24-03, 11:13 AM   #34 (permalink)
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I'll post it once the Boa gets settled in.
Stictly Constrictors

With time comes experience, with experience comes success!!
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I got a bunch of feeder bugs, an amel motley corn (thanks Mike! aka Dozer), a bunch of rabbits (thanks Shawn! aka boa), some bark, a jar, and some tequila handpicked in mexico (thanks Silke!). I also ate a butterworm with Andrew from

<img src="">

Originally posted by Solid Snake
Suriname boas for 400$ geez c'mon i went all the way there to get one of them and went home dissopointed...
Suris can range anywhere from $300 - $1500+.
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Old 11-24-03, 01:04 PM   #36 (permalink)
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My first time there !

Was dissapointed when I came in, I really expected this place to be huge and have like 100 and more tables

After going around a 1st time, the 6 hours trip was worth the while, I liked what i saw.. as they say it's quality that counts, not quantity.

I was there with my girlfriend and 2 friends.

Me and my gf endend up getting a blue panther Nosybe and a pair of Malis for a friend.

Cornsnakes / JCP / Sinaloan Milk / BRB / Veiled / ATB / WLP / Crested Geckos / Uroplatus Henkeli / Vietnamese Cave gecko / Chinese Cave gecko *What's Available*

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NOW Brian, why would I want to post a pic for you?...

When I get a chance and I can find it in my heart I will do it

And yes it does look very nice...Careful though Kelvin might want to walk off with it....

you will be pleasantly surprised with it
IN the meantime I will keep you guessing

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lol... Linds got another colubrid, Linds got another colubrid, nyah nyah nyah nyah

- Ken LePage
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Old 11-24-03, 05:41 PM   #39 (permalink)
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Invictus, That is gooooooood !!!

From Kelvin,
Linds....LMAO, ANOTHER colubrid, you go girl..!!


I'll let you off the's pics of your new nelsons..hope you problem with this one..VERY Active.. The little B#$%$%d almost got away on us during the picture taking

You like?
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Your the best Jim. There arn't to many peeps around that i would give free reign with 5 bucks let alone go to buy me snakes i have not seen myself first. Great job Jim.


Surprisingly though, that guy looks alot like the one in my freezer.

Got Milks!

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Lol... Linds, that is MY amel cornsnake! :P

I picked up a male anery cornsnake, crickets, super worms, bark, and a bearded dragon :P

And way way to much beer! oh... hang overs suck...

And as for that rat pup... feed it human soy formula at double the powder to the same amount of water... if its eyes open then it will start eating solid foods, you can feed it scrambled eggs, veggies, oatmeal, etc. and provide a good quality lab block and remember to have the cage in a warm location. It would survive, I have raised 2 week old rat pups before.
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I sold quite a few of my leos and mannaged to pay for my trip, pick up a shirt from Scotty for my daughter, a mug from the turtle rescue, and these two beauties.

My Christmas presant to me. lol. Does anyone recognise these guys? I don't know who they came from,( I was too excited when I found them and it totally slipped my mind to find out who they were from. lol) I know that it was a table behind me, I think maybe Rob was mentioned, but not sure. Thanks anyway, whoever it was. I love them. Now I have the two top cages filled above my leo rack system. lol, I have to use a ladder to get to them though since it is about 6 feet up.

You can see my eastern skink in the bottom cage and the rack is for my adult leos.

Again, I have to say..... I love these guys!!!
Herps are like pringles, you can't stop at just one.
'believe me I know!!'
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