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Old 11-21-03, 09:08 PM   #1 (permalink)
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A few New Herps

Went to the show in San A. Texas just to look and visit some friends without buying anything, unless it was croc related.. Well, It didnt work that way, heh..

Here's a snake I've been wanting for quite some time and finally got at the show in San Antonio. This specimen here is a 35" male Eastern coral. Awesome animal he is. He was the biggest out of the 3 at the show and provided with my great luck, all 3 were males. Sorry for the pic, I was packing them up from Mat's store.

Here's an African Rock that I got free from a friend down there while I was visiting. He is about 7-8' long and as calm as can be.

Here is a pic of my Female Wagler's, which was an impulse buy, that stayed at Mat's shop as a show case animal while I was visiting. Both the coral and Wag stayed there. I also recommend visiting if you are ever down there, great guy.

And here is the same beast finally home after a 5 hr delay in the middle of nowhere..
Fairing well either way.. By the way Scot, thats the reason I dont travel to get herps..

And for the last pic here is an animal I bought from Mike Bishop, I'm told he's one of the first to produce rhino x gabby.. After viewing his collection, hearing tons of stories and playing with a King Cobra. I also seen giant rats, pretty nifty they were. Gambian rats I think they were called. Anyhow, this buzz worm is a rock rattler from the Wall Lake, New Mexico area and is pretty spiffy. Took my about 2 hrs to pick him out.. heh. Also, Im not sure if you can see it but he has a nice green tint striping all the way down his back.

The show wasn't as good as I had hoped, but Im told it was way smaller than usual though.. Either way great times, Great people. Xain P.S. There were no crocs.. Not cool.
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Nice pics Xain...amazing collection you've got going.

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wow awesome pics!! I'll be sure to go there sometime and check everything out. Awesome ARP btw... pretty face on it
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Congratulations on the new additions! You made out like a bandit!
Erin Keller :eb:
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Super Genius
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Congrats, that's quite an addition to your collection.
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very nice additions! I love Wagler's!
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If I could smack ya Zane I would. Nice lepidus, thats one I could find and not sunuva....
Gorgeous Eastern as well (ours are better though fella) and your right, tis an awesome animal he is.
Beau Medlar

Rattlesnakes of Arizona
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Congrats! That Wagler's is awesome!
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Congrats!!! I really like the coral.
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A rock rattler! You are so lucky, I think they are one of the best looking rattlers. Very nice additions.

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Old 11-22-03, 04:49 AM   #11 (permalink)
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Thanks guys. These guys are just spiffy. Even though the coral hasnt been seen since Ive placed him into his home.. heh. Beau, sheesh on the real name bit.. Im keeping it a secret..
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Great looking snakes Xain! Love the Coral
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