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Snakes and Tanks

Im wondering if i can put the folling snakes in 40gal breeder tanks.

ball python
irian jaya carpet
short tailed python

All my snakes will be males so the sizes will be small. All of the care sheets i read even from some nice breeder sites such as nerd states that these can be housed in 40gals.

You have to consider when they say a 40gal for a adult they can mean a female so in my case we could be cutting off 2 or even 3' to the snake so it makes a difrence. If this cant work then what type of rubbermaid do you recomend?

btw, im not building my own
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I'm not quite sure I understand something. The caresheets say they can be kept in 40 gallons, but this may mean a female, so you are cutting off part of the tank? Sorry if that's not right, I just didn't quite understand your post.
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No im saying that if they mean a IJ for exaple can go in a 40gal as a adult then they mean a female or a male but a male is ussaly smaller then females so in this case it would benifeit me as i would be using all males.

I thought i would point that out because short tails for exaple can get 5-6 as females and males ussaly avreage around 3-4 which is a big difrence in the size. I know this doesnt mean all males will be shorter but the odds are better.
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You can house either one of those in a 40 gallon breeder tank... 1 only per tank though... If you are looking for a rubbermaid you should be okay in a sweaterbox and up size... for the IJ you should really go for blanket box size and give it something to climb on... Again these would be the bare minimum.... is offline  
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I generally go with larger housing male or female, better exercise playground even if not used regularly
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Thanks for replies.

I will probably build my own tanks later on down the road but for now aquariums is the best way for me and besides by the time my snakes get full grown i might already have my 4'x2' tanks built and can use my 40's for bps or something.

thanks, hello
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several of my corns and my bullsnake are still in 20L's and do quite fine.
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