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westjet embargo!!!!

well, i called westjet to get info on shipping a carpet python from ottawa to hamilton. they told me that they aren't doing that due to an embargo until at least next spring. anyone here about this? interesting. are there any other airlines that will do it that go to smaller airports? ie. i don't want air canada or something that just goes to toronto, cause i'm in Hamilton!

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West jet is done for the year

Air Canada is probably the best way to go in this weather.
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strange, is this new? last year I got my corns in january,
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Location: hamilton, ontario, canada
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any idea on price for air canada? I don't mind payin for hte guarantee they give, but i'm not shellin out some crazy price. thanks again...
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yah we heard about it, we tried shipping ball pythons from montreal to new brunswick. I called about 6 Airlines and they told me all the same thing! The only one that does ship is Air Canada and the funny thing is the shipment costs are more than the actual pair of snakes! LOL HAHAHAHAHA

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Old 11-15-03, 03:53 AM   #6 (permalink)
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Air C ' They will ship , but you have to sign a wiever. that they are not responsible if the snake dies, air canada recomends not to ship between nov1 to mar.
It cost me $116 to ship to the most northern part of BC without insurance.

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To clear up a few things about Air Canada. I just shipped Eastern Indigos from Calgary to Montreal the other day. If the flights booked are heated you DO NOT have to sign any waivers & they will still insure it for you. If you choose to ship on unheated flights they will require a signed waiver & will not insure. My snakes made it just fine despite an 8 hour stopover in T.O. The airline changed the plane (T.O. - Montreal) to unheated in the am so they had to wait for the next heated flight (8 hours DOH!, but they guaranteed a heated storeroom for the wait). I knew about the change prior shipping, but they will sometimes switch on no notice. When I orginally talked to Cargo in T.O. they wanted to refuse the shipment or wanted 2 waivers signed & refused to insure it. They also wanted me to pay $150 for someone to "watch" the animals during the 8 hour stopover, yeah right! When I went to the cargo desk in Calgary they treated me like gold & fixed up all the errors made/stated by the lady in T.O. Make sure you book directly through the Cargo desk from the shipping point because the people in the office in T.O. don't have a frigging clue. They did not even want to take the booking, but the people at the desk in Calgary went out of their way to make it happen & happen properly. I would wait until spring if it is an option, but if you have to book be very specific & clear about details to the airline & make sure the snakes are extremely well packed. Mark I.
P.S. it was $112.89 insured
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