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Talking I am excstatic!! (sp?) oops!

I just had to make the post... and I will apologize for the finger farts in advance... 'SORRY'

Ok, well IO bought a Columbian Red Tailed Boa on Oct. 21. (Cleo) and well we brought her home and left her alone for 10 days. She was never really shy, but still, to be on the safe side you know? ok, well my BF and I kept trying to feed her after that, and knew we would have probs b/c she was fed live, and we feed F/T. So of course no dice, she wouldn't even look at them.

Well, personally I wanted to try live only as a last resort, so I just waited some more, and tried again, NADA..

Then I noticed her soaking. *eeeek* She had mites. Well ok, so I treated the mites successfully (NIX treatment) and then she was back to normal again. So I let her be (mind you this is like 3 weeks gone by, still no feeding, no biggie really, but still you know you WANT your snake to eat!) and finally Tuesday (Nov. 11) I try again with F/T, but a small one.. kinda like an apetiser.. dangle it around, and WHAM! she goes for it! So HAPPY! Sheswallows it in like no time, and looks like she is looking for more!

I hadn't thawed another so I returned her to her cage to digest. Last night, I thaw a bigger small rat (oxymoron) and try again, she plays with it, (!) striking, and squeezing, then letting go, rubbing all over it, then grabbing it by the tummy, letting go, the finally, down the hatch it went. (this time took about 20 minutes for the 'whole 'production') But she did it!

I am so happy I didn't have to but live and stun, or use chikcen broth or anything! I guess I got really lucky, and "I am sopleased! Just had to share it with you!
If toast always lands butter-side down, and cats always land on their feet, what happens if you strap toast on the back of a cat and drop it?"
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be glad you didn't have to use "anole soup"
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good show by jove
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what's anole soup???? sorry, never heard of it before
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There's no X in ecstatic...unless you're a raver I suppose lol.
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great job! congrats
Who are you callin' a freak?!
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Nice work!!!! Glad she ate.
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I love it when they eat for the first time! I have a blood python that I've had for almost two weeks and hasn't eaten yet. I'm not worried yet..but I'm definately praying that she'll eat when I offer her food tomorrow
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Originally posted by nolagurl
There's no X in ecstatic...unless you're a raver I suppose lol.
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Have any of you just tried leaving the prey overnight? I have a blood as well that will only eat prey left overnight. I just pop it right inside her hide box on a lid, and it's gone by the next day. Sometimes they just don't strike and eat right away.
- Ken LePage
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