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Join Date: May-2003
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Congrats! Best wishes for a long and happy life together....
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Wahooo, congrats! Thats awesome. I have been married for two years and can honestly say that it was the best decision that I ever made!
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best of luck in the future you two!!
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Congratulations, get her a diamond python instead of a diamond.
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Congrats Marc
- Ken LePage
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congrats and good luck
if something doesn't fit hit it with a hammer, if that doesn't work get a bigger hammer: Jesse James
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awesome man... congrats...
best of luck.

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My condolenses (sic) no wait..marraige is a good thing right...Good luck and congratulations!

damn gotta work on those social skills some more
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A "Choose Your Own Adventure" Hamlet would be nice; To be, turn to page 73.
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Join Date: Apr-2003
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Congratulations and all the best for both of you!
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Join Date: Apr-2003
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Congrats and good luck to both of you

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I'd like to take this time to share with you the advice my Dad shared with me on the day of my proposal.
Happy wife = Happy life. Ask your self this question, do you want to be right or do you want to be happy? You'll probably never be right again, but hey, at least you'll be happy. Also if you play you're cards right YOU can never be wrong again. All you have to do is let her make all the disions. That way no matter what goes wrong it won't be you're fault! And finnally some words from my Aunt. She said, "You don't have be right, you just have to be nice."
Best wishes to you both,
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Congrats to you both.. I'll never see that day for me..marriage is not for me
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Congrats to the both of you when are the kids coming?
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