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Talking Christmas List

Hahaha I was working on my Christmas List (family likes to get it early) and without realizing it, 50% of my list was reptile stuff! What kind of herp stuff is on your Christmas Lists this year?

-ReptiTherm UTH’s (any sizes)
-2 Humidity Indicators
-Boaphile Plastics Cages (
(422D Cage, Low Watt Heat Installed, Florescent Light, Expandable End, Keyed Lock Center, Thermostat)
-CB Kenyan Sand Boa
-2 CB Fat Tail Geckos
-CB Albino BCI (would need larger cages than I have available)
-CB Anery Striped Cornsnake
-Frozen Mice
-Frozen Rats (none in North Bay)

I'm sure I'll think of more, but those were the ones off the top of my head today

"A rattlesnake that doesn't bite teaches you nothing."

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heh. my chanukah list consists mostly of DVDs. I don't think my parents would be too excited to get me another reptile at this point. Though I *am* going to a reptile show with my grandfather in December...

my plan at the moment is to make friends with the kid with the ferret downstairs, so when he decides he doesn't want it anymore, he gives it to me.
1.1 ball pythons (Huxley and Marla)
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Even though Santa isnt that rich this yr ......I always hope for BASINS..............BASINS..........AND MORE BASINS .....LOL
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A rat house.

some how i don't think i'm going to get that, and i have a funny feeling we are going to get clothes and maybe stuff for the house.
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Home Depot gift certificates so I can build some enclosures.
- Ken LePage
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my chanukah list consists mostly of DVDs
Though I do not celebrate Chanukah, Dvd's are all over ,y list as well.

I would'nt mind getting my retic a lady friend but he can wait
" the only thing the dead know, is that it's better to be alive"
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my christmas list

War hammer-fire warrior
Final fantasy 10
Silent hill 3
Soul caliber 2
Grand theft auto vice city and 3 bundles
Tony hawk underground
Final fantasy x-2
Final fantasy 12
Max pain
Swat global strike team
Manhunt (November 19)
Max pain 2
The sims:bustin out
Dead to rights
Splinter cell
True crime: streets of L.A.
Tenchu: wrath of heaven
Waxy monkey tree frog
Whites tree frog
Poison arrow frog
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hows this

1.1 albino boas
1.1 anery boas
1.1 hypo boas
1.1 BRB
1.1 JCP
1.1 albino balls
1.1 pastel balls

and thats just a start to the list....LOL
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Super Genius
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Maybe I'm just old, but new socks and underwear would be super....
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Man if you think that nov is early for x-mas list my mom actually never stops buying gifts all year round She sees something and buys it for them no matter the time of year!! Right now for my list I'd love to get a panther cham. But that's about it for herp things on my list.
1.1 crested gecko ( cresty and sticky!)
0.0.1 crested baby
0.0.1 Mali Uro (Spike)
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I have a bit of herp stuff on mine, too. Right now there's a book on reptiles in the Okanagan, a blacklight for hunting desert scorpions, and a few other items that havn't been decided on yet. Christmas has got to be one of the best holidays. Family, presents, and can't forget the turkey!
-Tammy R
Tammy Rehbein
-You can search all day for something and never find it, only to see it in the most obvious of places after you've stopped looking.-
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well esides wantin everything in the world i want

temp gun
gift certificate to

ball python
kenyan and boa
rosy boa
african fat tailed geckos
leopard geckos
bearded dragon
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I just need some clothes and stuff.
I won't make a herp list because there's so many that I want. A list of what I don't want herpwise would be easier and shorter
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Originally posted by Invictus
Home Depot gift certificates so I can build some enclosures.
danm invictus thanks for the great idea! that should save me 100bucks when the time comes

im getting a JCP for christmas and hopefully some cash for other stuff
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My List:
-Female friend for my male mali uromastyx and a model 322 or 422 vision cage depending on if I get the female
-Frilled dragon
-pair of henkel's leaf tailed geckos
-Male friend for my female GTP and a model 222 vision cage for the male
-many video games
-savannah monitor and appropriately sized vision cage
-Many frozen mice and rats

This is the list just for now and it will probably increase even though funds won't allow
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