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For People With Dogs and Cats

What do you feed your dog and/or cats?

We feed our Iams and have just found a newer product called Natural Balance.......

In the packet of Natural Balance it said that.........

wheat, soy, sunflower oil, dairy, and corn, can cause animals to have allergic reactions like chewing at their feet, excessive scratching, hair loss, and chewing at their tail.........
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Iams or Science Diet. We switch every now and then and give them some variety.
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high performance eukanuba dry and wet, .
never had a problem.
Grant van Gameren
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Science Diet
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I feed my Alaskan Malamute Iams or Technical. She love both.
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Super Genius
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Eagle Pack Holistic Blend. Great for large breed dogs.
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The dogs get <a href="">Wellness</a> and the cat gets Innova.

Most foods (even veterinary diets) contain all sorts of fillers (such as the above mentioned), as well as a lot of by products. Both of Wellness and Innova contain only human quality foods and no fillers. This way you only have to feed half as much because it is a lot richer.

For those of you that feed Iams, you may find this interesting...
Something you all might be interested in knowing

Also, here is a link to a previous thread on the topic of dog and cat foods O/T dog food

Wellness Dog and Cat Foods Rival Human Food in Ingredient Quality

Wellness represents a new generation of uniquely formulated, all-natural pet food which rivals human food in quality, nutrition and the cooking process. The primary protein source in the Wellness line is human grade deboned chicken, human grade Atlantic whitefish or hormone-free lamb, depending on the formula. In addition, these top-of-the-line dog and cat foods contain fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy grains, and vitamins and minerals. Another major differentiator is that unlike most commercial dog food manufacturers that rapidly extrude their food, Old Mother Hubbard slowly oven bakes its Wellness Super5Mix dog foods and treats to preserve and enrich the nutrients, and to enhance the aroma.

As rates of feline and canine allergies, cancers and diseases continue to rise, the link between pet nutrition and health is being examined more closely than ever. Healthy thoughtful ingredients in Wellness, like fresh fruits and vegetables, provide essential antioxidants that protect and strengthen your pet's immune system for a healthy, long life.

Wellness does not contain any rendered animal fats, meat by-products, wheat, corn or white rice and also does not contain any artificial colors, flavors or preservatives of any kind.

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Eukanuba and iams
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Iams..i bought a bag today..the big orange one Ive actually noticed a difference, hes lost a lot of weight (used to be a fatass) and his hair is shiny
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Eukanuba for the yorkie and this Health Wellness stuff (I dunno exactly what it's called) for the older cocker spaniel.
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well I dont have a cat or a dog but i feed my hedgehog cat food. Im not sure what brands because the only thing i look at is the ingredents and nutritional content. It has to be made with human grade ingredents and the first 2-4 ingredents must be meats.
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Don't listen to peta they are terrorist.
Snakes? I just like to teraform!
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i agree
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Science Diet has some by-products.
If you really want to feed the best things for your dog or cat, you should cook their food yourself. I know a nutritionist who has been doing this for quite some time and damn her dogs are nice and active.
She cooks their vegetables and meat.
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