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bartman, then why did you say "who cares" about it? You are obviously not being taught the severity of it all. Being repremanded for doing something bad doesn't always teach you something. You have to learn the emotion behind it.
For example: I used to post my essays, poetry, and short stories online. I had many people that were interested in reading it. One day, I was looking at random web sites and I came across a site that had ALL of my writing, word for word, written with someone else's name on the bottom. Do you know how heart breaking that was for me? I stopped writing for over a year because of that. It was horrifying that someone could steal this stuff that came from my mind and from my heart. Writing was everything to me back then, I tried to write at every waking moment. When you see how easy it is for someone to steal something you worked so hard on, it changes your whole outlook on putting effort into it.
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very true..maybe i said it wrong but i meant "who cares" in a way not for plagerism but not for plagerism on this topic..i wanted to know bout mini reptile brains but i fully understand what you mean. Id kill someone if they stole my hard work..sorry if it came out wrong
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it's okay - it was a misunderstanding. happens all the time
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sometimes i wish i did have a reptile brain
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I understand that plagarism is definately a serious issue, moreso in the academic or business world.

But let's get real here, this is an internet herp forum. If the original author or publisher thought their work was being plagarized they would first ask that it be removed or properly credited. I'm certain would comply.

I'm not trying to downplay the seriousness of the issue but come on, have none of you EVER repeated something you saw or read 'somewhere' word for word without giving proper credit? Please.

I would totally agree with RMBolton's position if this was a post secondary class with papers that gave grades and what not. But if i'm smart enought to figure out he was quoting from a book simply because of the sudden change in writing style, I think most people are. Sure he should have said "I read this somewhere" as a preface but would that have been enough for the copyright and plagarism lawyers among us? Doubtful.

I recently quoted something in another thread dealing with CO2 euthenasia. I never claimed to have written the site and I did quote from it, saying I was doing so. But then again I never explicitly spelled out that it was someone else's site either. But the information got to the people who needed it.
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Heh, some people.. However, I will play along and will correct myself.
This here is for the original posting I have written and this is now in my own words for any who may care to reread basically what I posted. Please do note a little humor, for all of us non academical/philospher like individuals..
Note: The words in the preceding post and the previous postings are not made up by myself, nor do I know who invented them. However, I learned these words from my parents and mainly from my teachers all through school. Any and all words that may dismay a would be viewer as a copyright or plagiarism, please contact the Teacher of Walters schooling and a few books. (Authors I do not remember)
Also, I do not set out to offend anyone or have anyone hating me for the words I have said or will have said in the before and following posts.

Bartman, what_ your philosopher said was fairly accurate. The human brain shows through dissecting that our (human) brain is made of 3 actual parts. Before our time, vertebrates started with what our brain stem now is, the reptilian brain. This brain causes our instinctual actions such as feeding, other responses and pain. Part of the reptilian brain was then copied and lesser part transformed into what we now call the limbic system; Our "Paleomammalian brain". This brain functions our emotional feelings and our values. It also functions our memory and our ability to solve problems with any and all parties and it plays our social behavior. So forth and so on our brain(s) sooner produced the prior part to our Cerebral cortex, the "Neomammalian brain". This section controls our sensors, Perceptive ability, and gave us our ability to think before we do with the ability of our direct voluntary movements. This part also came to attain our conceptual and linguistic abilities..
.. Now the latter part explains how much smarter crocodilians are to other herps. This is true, Im bad.
-Now to further the accusation of me posting these as my wordings..
As I said above, the brain we now have can and may be divided into the brain stem also known as the reptilian brain, and this is as stated controls our movement - omp! look at my hand go! The stimuli, life regulation, sexuality - rawr- fear and our feelings to have the need of territories. The "Mammalian brain" Say it with me, 'Mam-ma-lian'
regards our communication and emotions. The neocortex_ (dorsal region of the vertebral cortex) controls our ideas, symbols, abstract, linear thought, object/subject. The reticular formation is a part of the Reptilian brain. This lil' puppy makes me aroused.. Why you ask? Well, because this thing controls our arousal, stress and the rest of these silly things. I'm such the philosopher. Wait Im not done..
We also have what I and the rest of the people who likes hippos call the Thalamus. this is atop the brain stem in the forebrain. This only happens for the mammalian brain, however. This particular part of the brain filters data, emotions, and our fight or flight routine.. Someone's Thalamus is over running but I shall not name names.. Our hypothalamus is the case for our physical expression of emotion, turn that frown up side down.
The prefrontal cortex reasons, organizes memorize and worry. I can't find my shoe..
Anyhow here's my thoughts on the subject. In my own words mind you. Take it as you will, or as you want..

Eyespy, I understand your situation, and as I stated earlier, I give credit when I can however I can. In this case I have what I posted written down, no site address or name and just purely wrote what I had. If someone doesn't like the fact, send them my way. I also noticed why is ssnakess so worried about getting sued as with every other site Ive been to do everything you guys dont do in the fear of being sued. Just a question Im curious about. You guys have your rules and as a member I will accept them. I agreed to when I signed up and I will continue to do so. Sorry.

RM, your ethics and mine may not be the same so dont contribute me to them. I will follow my ethics as I see fit. Also, I did not not write my own wordings for a few reasons and for those reasons it was a lot faster to post what I already had. Like it or not, what's been done has been done and the results were many people being helped and a guy getting upset. My ladder is what I care about. My defense isn't anything but an apology to the others who may or may not have thought I wrote this. Whether you like it or not gives me very little dismay of my on going day. Judge me as you will,
- but you will never take away my freedom - Hmm..
Oh, also I never claimed to be innocent Im just declaring my details, mainly not really to you, again. People may catch me? They have nothing to catch. So I messed up being in a hurry to help a friend in need, my bad.
Now accusing me for always doing this is silly. But I guess one or two mishaps leads grounds for aborting me. Though, like I said before, I do not wish to impress anyone, nor do I really care if someone may think I copied a sentence or two. I do care about helping someone in need if I have the answer, mine or not. And as Ive said before, I give credit when I can wherever I can. Oh, I admitted to this 'mistake' (written by RMBolton) around the first post after I was-what was it? Oh, found out. I have not lashed out at anyone, though I can if you want? I have not done this because it is against the rules. I have done nothing but give valid reasons why I did what I did. Everyone else must be lashing out, too. You guys are so bad. Shame. As Ive said before, believe as you will, I careless. Everyone seems to get the idea except you so lets go beyond rulings and buy a dog. And also as Ive said my work force will not evolve around herps, it is a 'mere hobby for me and what I do is mainly for personal use and for help when it is called for. I am not in school for this either and being I graduated has to account for something.. I understand my discretion, I shall speak as I will, whether it be like an academic or being like a G-dawg in souff central, my rules of my speaking will attain to me and only me. Thou aren't thy teacher tis' fore thy shall rhythm as thy please. As for me to you, people don't enjoy "crashers" (Im not sure who invented this, please forgive me) so if you hate what I am doing, I am available by PM or email.

Now for any and all to see, The first post I posted was in fact a copywrite. Where from, I do not know and will gladly give it once I find out. The source RMBolton posted was not by the same place and may not be the same guy so I will not accredit the posting towards him. However, I am sorry for any confusion I may have brought onto anyone and Mods forgive me for not applying to any and all rules you have up somewhere for this site. RMBolton, just in case you can't pinpoint it this time, this is an apology and my accreditation of my original posting..

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hehe I would like to see whats on the hard drivers of all those who are crying foul about plagarism. Bets are that there is some mp3s or has been in the past. Guess what thats straight out theft. Xain in no way profited from what was posted.

Academic standards for Plagirism and Copyright law are 2 seperate issues. I spent half the day at work researching canadian copyright law and after wading throught a the BS lawyer crap from what i can tell there was no problem. I am awaiting clarification on a couple of issues from the Canadian Copyright Act secretariat I kinda want to see where the boards liabily fits into this whole issue. One of my sisters friends in law school just laugh this whole ordeal.

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Krokadilyan Guy, I worry about being sued because my ex-husband is an art director for the Publications Dept. of a large university and they have lost several lawsuits after publishing things that turned out not to have been written by the author under their contract, and some of those lawsuits were from website forums. Their legal defense fees ran into the millions of dollars because of a handful of people not crediting their sources properly.

The academic world takes the republication of materials very seriously as research is quite expensive and is only partially reimbursed through book sales. Penalties for not crediting sources can be pretty severe fines. I'd hate to see this site run into such troubles.
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Agreed eyespy, and being so if you must remove the post it's completetly cool with me. Xain
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QUOTE]Originally posted by ohh_kristina
That is ridiculous. Look at what we are being taught: to copy! We are supposed to be learning to comprehend and form our own words and opinions. [/QUOTE]

Heh heh.... no, we're being taught to copy as long as we make sure they know who we are copying. I don't know about other disciplines, but I know in psychology and biology, any paper you write has every single line of text referenced....... one of my psych profs actually told me that we're not considered to have any relevant thoughts on the subject yet, and every sentence in our paper must be followed by a reference. We're taught more to condense than to think.

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