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justinO 11-03-03 08:23 AM

Fav Tv shows
Hey, Not sure if this thread has been done before, if so, I apologise.. anyways, just for conversation's sake, what is everyone's fav tv show?

My personal fav is Invader Zim. Little green alien and his futile attempts at global domination/destruction.. freaking hillarious :P

cheers :)


ChristinaM 11-03-03 08:32 AM

CSI, Law and Order, Judging Amy, ER :)

Lisa 11-03-03 09:55 AM

Simpsons - especially the halloween episodes, Enterprise and Smallville. I enjoy watching CSI with katey but I wouldn't say it's one of the shows I tape.

Removed_2815 11-03-03 10:58 AM

Six Feet Under is my latest addiction......
I am also Seinfeld's number 1 fan, seen every episode approx. 5 times in the last ten years, I challenge anyone to a trivia contest, ha!

maiden_canada 11-03-03 11:05 AM

law and order, CSI, 24, ER, dragonballz and sopranos

daver676 11-03-03 11:11 AM

Friends, Simpsons, The Sopranos, That 70s Show.

I'll challenge anyone to a Friends, or Simpsons trivia contest!

HetForHuman 11-03-03 11:26 AM

SIMPSONS all the way.

also The Family Guy, Futurama, 70's show, i also watch A and E alot, like city confidential, and american justice.

Phox 11-03-03 11:30 AM

The Sopranos and Playmakers :)

emroul 11-03-03 11:41 AM

Friends :D

lakeridgekennel 11-03-03 11:53 AM

The Sopranos, King of the hill, simpsons, ER


Dani33 11-03-03 12:34 PM

I love 6 feet under and the simpsons.

Lisa 11-03-03 12:40 PM

6 feet under is great, haven't been watching them lately though.

mykee 11-03-03 12:42 PM

CSI, ER, Law & Order (all three), American Chopper, SpongeBob Squarepants.

marisa 11-03-03 12:53 PM

CSI, Simpsons, Without A Trace, hmmmm lets see what else...King Of the Hill (Peggy Hill, hoo ya!), Family Guy (which RULES!) Seinfeld was a fav, That 70's Show, and basically anything on Discovery, Civilization channel, or Animal Planet. :D


SerpentLust 11-03-03 12:57 PM

King of the Hill, That 70s Show, Undergrads, I used to love Buffy but it's done now :(

I love everything on Animal Planet or any wildlife or nature specials on any of the educational programs like Discovery and such. This includes the little kid Pet shows too! lol


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