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"Snake Island"

yeah i rented that movie this wkend and it's really.. uh.. well it's a snake movie. Basically theres this island where snakes have evolved so that they hunt humans as a defensive method. it had some pretty nice shots of some really cool snakes. vipers, cobras, mambas i think the only non venomous one i saw was a burmese or something. it's so funny though. the opening titles are in like times new roman font bold phase and the digital stuff is horrible i love those movies. they had this scene where they got these plastic snakes and the popped em up real fast, sang something and put them away. it was so messed up
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was it as bad as "silent preditor"?
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I've seen that at the video store! I love bad horror movies!
I noticed that on the cover they stuck the top half of a cobra onto the body of a boa constrictor. Hehehe.
I am so renting that next time I go to Blockbuster.
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lol,yea,i saw a pretty bad horror movie awhile back,it was some zombie movie,it was so stupid i laughed my a-s-s off at some parts,this guy is in a field and he shooting these zombies,and he does all these really stupid moves(are they supposed to be impressive?)he jumps and slides across a car while shooting at the zombies...why does he do that....????
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bob....Why do they always walk into the dark room, why do they always go for a walk by themselves in the bush, why do they always split up and while your at it, why do the guys in the red shirts always willingly go on away missions?
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Snake Island was GREAT!!! (if you are like me and love bad B horror flicks). Snake Island is on my list of DVD to add to the collection. It is nice every once in a while to see someone in a movie say "That's a Puff Adder and that one is a Mamba" AND THEY ACTUALLY ARE! Lots of nice venomous, even some Aspidelaps Naturally it has the typical harmless snake killing someone, gotta watch out for those killer Honduran milks Tons of real venomous, so naturally I liked it

If nothing else, the humor put me on the floor. I had to rewind the Duet Scene 5 times
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and cant go wrong with sensless naked ladys
1.0 brb
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naked women can go a long ways to make up for shortcomings in things like...plot,dialogue and special fx
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the keypads at drive up ATMs?
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