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Old 11-02-03, 07:36 AM   #16 (permalink)
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Tread carefully my friend! There are a lot of unknowns in dating a married person. Maybe they have an open relationship and it's ok with both parties and then again, maybe not. Read the newspaper. There are always stories of someone getting shot, stabbed or beaten cause they got caught messing with someones wife/husband. When peoples emotions are involved it's hard to say what will happen. Use common sense. Do not allow your emotions to over rule your common sense.

Good luck.

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There's cheating and then there's open relationships. If they're in an open relationship and they're offering what you want (a fling every so often), go for it. If it's not what you want, walk away.
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Phox, if you've ever been cheated on, you would have never asked that question. I for one, respect the sanctity of marriage, whether she does or not. It's not only morally wrong, but you settin' yourself up for the a$$-whuppin' of your life if the husband finds out, and he mostly likely would. See you on "Unsolved Mysteries". Hypothetically speaking, or course.....

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could be an open marriage, you never know. But I would never seriously date a married person if I was looking for a long term monogamous partner. I mean how could you trust someone that cheats with you not to cheat on you.
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I would never in a million years cheat on somebody. I've had it done to me and it hurts. If i ever catch someone cheating on me again you better belive my boyfriend (soon to be ex) would get his a$$ kicked by me and if his little fling has any thing to say she would be next (unless if i knew her then she would get her a$$ kicked right then along with the guy because she knows he's taken already). Cheating is so wrong and i can't see why people dont have enough control not to do it. If you don't want to be with that person how hard is it to just leave. It's not hard at all (cause i've done that before) ya it will hurt the other person to call it quits but it hurts a lot less than finding out that they have a parter that cheated on them!!!!!!!!
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Speaking from personal experience:

You don't want to involve yourself in the situation regardless of your feelings for this person.

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Well...Ive always tried carry the,"Treat others as you would like to be treated", idea with me. But as we all know, sometimes, in certain situations, its hard to control your emotions. In general, its easier to sit back and tell someone, you need to do this, or you need to do that, then to actually be in that situation and make the right choice. Of course if I was married and found out my wife was cheating, I would be livid! As Sunrunner said, I think It would be wrong in kicking the guy's ***. It wasnt his fault, your wifes the one to blame.

I understand my best bet in this situation is to probably avoid this women. And I agree with the point of, how can you trust this women if shes cheating on her husband with you.


I've suspected being cheated on, and trust me I was'nt very happy about the whole situation. But as I said in my orginal post I was more curious of what others would do in the same situation. I wasn'nt exactly looking for suggestions.
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I'd find someone else to get involved with, this mess is too complicated. If you didn't have your doubts you wouldn't be asking the question. Being the third wheel is not the situation you sound like you want. Even open relationships have a catch... you're sharing with everyone. If the person is looking for an out in their relationship- great- let them get up the guts to get out on their own without involving you. If they aren't interested in leaving their spouse to be with you, you are just a diversion to what ever problem they are having with their spouse. If they are willing to leave their spouse for you, then a commitment doesn't mean a whole lot to them. -BTW, I'm married, so my opinion is a little biased...
Good Luck!
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avoid a potential problem dude...... give her your number so if they end up breaking up you guys might have a fling...cuz the women I merry if she cheated oooo Ill hunt that punk down and turn him in a nice target for my rifle
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You must run...Run so very far away from that trouble-some woman!
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Don't forget also by being actively invovled with a married person you could be potentially helping hurt the other partner very deeply. That isn't the kind of mark I would want on my record when I get called to account. It is simply demeaning to your own character to be knowingly invovled in an affair. lacking better words just tell that bitch to keep walking.
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One other thing, is it really worth your health not to mention your life to get all involved with a married person? You could get Aids from this person.
Sorry for my rant.
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do whatever you want man, but im telling you, do a bit of research and find out who her husband is and if he has a gun.
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Well...As of right now I dont see any harm in just knowing her. She goes to the same bar as I do every Wednesday(Tommorow), so I'll see her then. Anyways, Ill try and get a better idea of why she's seeking out another man. Its not gonna take much for me to tell her to hit the road. The last thing in the world I need right now is a jealous husband with a short temper and an itchy trigger finger. So, we'll see what happens but Im not gonna put myself in harms way(Ya never know), especially for someone I dont know all that well.
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BAD me. Worse than you know.... So many factors involved in that situation......people WILL be hurt badly. It's one of those decisions that you or the other person may regret for the rest of your lives. If there are children involved they WILL be hurt. Eventually there will be no way around that. And don't flirt with disaster. 99.9% of us can't handle the temptation. Run from the situation completely.
~ Tad Wood ~
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