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Old 10-30-03, 10:26 PM   #16 (permalink)
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well its happened to me, and it scared the sh*t out of me, i was so scared, horrified, and embarassed that i put my snake in that situation. one day it will happen to you, or someone you know, and THEN it will hit home that f/k p/k and f/t are the way to go. we see TOO MANY ' my snake got killed last night by a rat/mouse " threads, and i would just hate for it to happen to you, or any one for that matter. thats my opinion
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I think that if you are going to ask peoples opinions on something then you should respect the answers you receive. I am not criticizing you for your beliefs, but it is very important to take into consideration what everyone is saying. Most of the members here are avid keepers and really do know best. Not that everyone knows about everything, but many are very well educated. There are a lot of risks involved with feeding live. CB animals do not have the exact requirements of wild, many of their instincts are diminished by their captive care and precautions should be met and maintained to keep their best interests in mind. Unfortunately there are many irresponsible keepers who feed live solely for entertainment and that is imo (and others) very cruel. If you are feeding live because you cannot get the animal to switch to pre-kill or f/t then that is another story. We have a young snake that only takes live pinkies, and although there is almost 0 risk with a pinky we always supervise feeding. And we constantly try to get it to switch for it's own good. All in all there's pretty well no need to call people out just because they disagree. This is a decent forum with amazing members and it will remain so-case in point-if you rub people the wrong way it will come back to bite you in the bender.

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what are you talking about whacking it against a wall, if you dont want to do that then buy them frozen. people like tupak who do things they KNOW are wrong piss me off so much. there is NO reason why you should feed live instead of f/t or p/k. even if it's ''cooler'' seeing ur snake strangle it (even though some snakes still strangle if its dead). why do you bother making this thread if you already know everyone will tell you what im telling you, it's fairly obvious. imo, all you are is a snake keeper that is very irresponsible, and doesnt give a crap about the actual snake, you just do whatever makes you happy

but anyways, you can do whatever you want
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Well said, Julie. I agree, if you ask for advice, you should take it or at least consider it.
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It's natural to feed live?
Well as ohh_kristina said. it's not natural to keep them in a cage. Are you going to let her/him go because of it? Since you are the snakes caregiver keeper owner whatever you want to call yourself it is up to you to provide a safe enclosure, with safe food! It only takes a milisecond for a rat to take a BP's eye out. And I'm sorry I don't think your that quick.
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actually, human reatin time is two tenths of a second, and have you seen a rat run or jump, those things are insanely fast, thats why they still live today, if only we could geneticly produce toothless wonder rats, with no teeth and claws, and just suckled their whole life!

pardon my rambling i just think funny things, untill then, has got my buisness
I got a bunch of snakes and a bunch of guns
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I just find it sad that even with horror stories & awful photos, people still continue to ARGUE that feeding live is best for the snake. I am not arguing or trying to make a point about this just to make it, you see. I am saying all of this for the well being of the serpents we all love.
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