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XxRachxX 10-28-03 07:16 PM

R.I.P. ratty baby
My rat had been sick for about a week now. She had R.I. it came on really sudden, one morning i got up and she was coughing/wheezing really bad. We left it for a day, then took her to the vet. He gave her an antibiotic shot, and some baytril for me to give her. She got a little better over the next few days, then she went downhill again.
we took her to the vet a few days ago, she had a steroid shot and some food to feed her.
the past few days she hadnt been able to walk properly, she'd fall over, out of bed and stuff... She hadnt been eating so i had to give her liquidised "sick kitty" food, to give her a boost. she didnt like eating it so i had to force feed her.
Today i knew it was her last day, i aactually wanted her to die, i knew she was suffering. She was lying on the floor of her cage, in an awkward position so i moved her, and left her for 5 minutes. When i went back, she had died.

i know she didnt die just from the R.I. her breathing had gotten so much better.... i just dont know what happened..
i just wanted to talk about it i guess... i feel so awful..

ohh_kristina 10-28-03 07:22 PM

that really sucks. I have a pet rat and he's my beloved. If something like that happened to him, I would be devestated :( :( :(

Tim and Julie B 10-28-03 07:24 PM

So sorry about your rat. They make such wonderful pets! They are so smart and alert and you can teach them just about anything:D I hope you get another. Hope you feel better soon, and she is in a better place now that she's not suffering.


XxRachxX 10-28-03 07:34 PM

thank you:)
she was only 18mths old, and the sweetest little rat ever..
i have another rat too, shes all alone now,
my parents dont think it would be fair to get another now, the rat i have is about 2 years old. and shes not well either. i dont feel ready to take on another at the moment... i feel like a rat keeping failure:(

Black Mamba 10-28-03 08:00 PM

I'm sorry to hear... it's always tough to lose an animal.

crazyboy 10-28-03 08:15 PM

sorry to hear that

crazyboy 10-28-03 08:21 PM


ohh_kristina 10-28-03 08:23 PM

is that necessary crazyboy?

crazyboy 10-28-03 08:26 PM

sorry tried to right R.I.P. in smileys but it didn't work

XxRachxX 10-28-03 08:36 PM

its ok, hehe, that suprisingly cheered me up a little... i knew something was going on in those smileys somewhere..

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