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Here's the part of my job that I'm starting to hate: CUSTOMERS.

I got the sh*t kicked out of me by an Argentine Tegu yesterday because the customer spooked it. You should have seen the amount of blood this thing got outta me, and the scars I have on my hands & wrists now. All because the customer decided to try and pet the tegu's HEAD after I just got it calm.

Not to mention the number of customers I've had to say "No, you should not feed your boa a live rabbit!" or "No, you should NOT house your BP with your corn snake!". I kid you not - I just had to tell someone that yesterday.

I still love the rest of my job though.
- Ken LePage
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thats pretty ****** invictus. hey im actually thinking of applying at a petstore in the next few days. any pointers you could give me? i know that i know more then everyone that works there (theyre kind of numbskulls) but i just need a way to show it.

also do you think monitor bites hurt more then snake bites?
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Join Date: Jun-2003
Location: Calgary, AB
Age: 42
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I've never been bitten by a monitor, but from what I've seen of the inside of their mouth, combined with the bacteria in their saliva that will almost inevitably cause infection, I'd have to give you an emphatic, albeit uneducated YES on that question.
- Ken LePage
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I work at one but am planning my escape...Its horrible there.
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My experience with working in a pet store i would go home crying because of the abuse and neglect that went on it just didn't have to do with the reptiles it also extended to the dogs and cats. I got fired for opening my big mouth to a breeder that was going to sell her puppies to the store. she was told that they would not be in the little glass and wood enclosures all the time BS they were hardly ever taken out. she pulled her dogs from the store and i got the boot. I was going to have to quit anyways due to an illness/dissability that has come back full force i was never so happy to get out of there. Most stores suck IMHO there are very few that i will deal with here.
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There is a new pet store opening in my city. I read about it in the NB Herp forum, I told the guy opening it I would help out when I could. Never met the guy but I think it should be quite the "experience". I'll let you all know how it turns out.
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i know the pet store here say that leopards geckos do great on play sand and quite a few of the lizards have broken off tails. I buy cricket there. They say you can keep like 6-7 leos in 27 gallon tank (thats what i have for 2 leos). My parents believe them to but i dont do what they say i know the husbandry for the reptiles i keep and i wont get tricked into one of there market schemes
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