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Old 10-27-03, 02:49 AM   #31 (permalink)
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Gecko Breed Dogs! man pure breds go for enough money! and about the carpeting thing! carpeting and any other kinds of trades make enuff money!! i am going to go into a trade! some plumbers welders electricians make 100 dollers an hour now thats sweet!
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Breeding snakes for a living would be fantastic but even the some of the largest breeders have day jobs. For example Corey Woods here in Canada or Ralph Davis in the States.

I don't know where people get the idea that Calgary is a cheap place to live. My girlfriend and I live in a DINK (Dual Income No Kids) household and we clear over $6000/month and we definitely don't have an abundance of spare money.

Breeding dogs would be way harder to get into and create way less profit. After stud fees, puppy vaccinations and raising them for 8 weeks you sure don't make a huge profit per pup.
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hey man i say all the power to you i wanna do it to i have set some realistic goals as well i started out with a salmon boa and then bought an albino boa as well
its all good to be just high end but you need to think like someone said high end dont sell too quickly so you need alot of $100 - $200 range to do it

ok as far as you having a friend that is gonna help you and room with you from personal experience bad idea you will be spending way too much time together

you said you are gonna breed rats too , well rats cost money too
i have 21 females and 8 males and i go through about 50 pounds of rat chow a month and 2 bales of shavings a month thats $40 + a month now i know its way cheaper than paying a pet store but then you have your cleaning and the SMELL
you may wanna think of going huge with rats first as people are always looking for rats
for example a rat rack that has 18 large tubs 4.1 ratio /tub = 72 females each female say has 10 babies every 2 months thats 720 thats 4320 rats a year avg sell all those say for $2 thats $8640 provided you dont keep any minus say $480 for shavings and food that leaves you with $8160

this is my $0.02
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Learn about herps, and do reptile shows. Once you have made a good buck. responsibly however, dont just sell to any idiot, or you're no better than a pet store. Invest in some nicer animals, and breed. Getting shows is difficult but if you can get a good base of clients, its a good start.
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There is no easy way to become rich. If you want a nice stable income work for some one else. There's been jobs where I've made more then my employer because I got paid an hourly wage and they had to work on a proffit margin.

Don't like learning? Being self employed and breeding snakes isn't for you. when you're self employed you have to deal with taxes, zoning issues, keeping track of your books, and you end up putting in 80 hours a week over a regular joe's 40 (i've been self employed before and you need to work twice as hard for every dollar).
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Ron - if you can't live on $6000/month take-home in Calgary, you are either living WAY beyond your means or just being ridiculous with your Money. Erin and I don't clear anything even remotely close to that, and I pay $500/month in child support. We have a nice house, food on the table, and clothes on our back and still the occasional pennies for herps, plus feeding the ones we have.

Mykee - Yeah, I've heard TO is tough living and requires a higher income. But you bring up a good point - in some places, even $2000 doesn't amount to a hill of beans.

Geko - You're very ambitious about this endeavor, and that's cool, but another great point has been brought up - reputation. If you want to be shipping snakes Canada-wide, you have to have a great rep for people to want to send you money in the hopes that the herps they paid for will arrive safely. Even some people on this board have had problems selling their snakes WITH a good reputaiton. Imagine what a time you'll have without one. I personally won't send my money across the nation to someone who hasn't had business dealings with someone I trust. But would I send my money to Grant Van Gameren, Corey Woods, Jeff Favelle, or Simon? In a heartbeat! They have a long standing rep of great national business dealings. Guess what... all of them work other jobs too.

Hard work alone doesn't cut it in this business. If you have a friend helping you out, that's cool too... but that means you get 1/2 the profits, not 100% of the profits. Now all of a sudden, you've got $4000/month you need to sell, not $2000.

Nonetheless, you seem to be pretty convinced that you can do this, so best of luck to you.
- Ken LePage
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I never said that we couldn't live on the $6000/month, I just said we didn't have an abundance of spare cash. When I lived in my condo my mortgage, condo fees, bills and food totaled more than $2000/month. I guess I don't see $2000/month as a decent living.
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I have snakes for whoever asked that and i know everything i need to know about the snakes i own.

I currently have a BRB, BP, and a JCP.

Invictus, you say you would send your money to Grant Van Gameren, Corey Woods, Jeff Favelle, and thats because you know they have nice snakes and are very good at what they do.

How do you think they got to be so popular in the snake market? They started from somewhere i would guess so thats what im going to do.

Just to clear a few things up also i DONT plan to get rich as i said before and i do plan to keep a second job even if its at my LPS or going to a trade school.

My pasion is animals of any kind. I own the following:

3 snakes - BRB, BP, JCP
1 tiger salamander
1 dog - beagle mix
5 fish tanks - 2 planted
2 fire bellied toads - plan to up it to dart frogs one day

All my life i have had animals. Anywhere from turtles, snakes, rabbits, birds, fish, cats, dogs, amphibians of diffrent sorts.

I set my goals at age 17 to get my life strait and get back in school and find a decent job that i like. My whole family is rich except my mom and she is a LPN. My uncle sells houses and lives in a log cabin that he bulit in the country. My grandpa was the founder of marksburycornett construction.

I dont want to stand for working a job my whole life that i dont like. Working at a pet store and breeding snakes would be a dream for me even if it doesnt bring in the $$ i will still be happy working with something i love and know about.

Im very good at webdesign and thats another thing i love to do. My site will be up hopfully tonight but heres a pic of it

Here is my fsh site i made also that will be up tonight as well:

With selling snakes, selling websites, and working at my LPS i think i could do pretty good for myself.

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I think someone said it already, but there is a bigger profit margine in the feeder rats then in the snakes. Also there is a much bigger demand. I would start there and keep snake breeding a hobby for now.
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for whoever said breeding is going to cost alot of money. If you have to many dogs then the place may consider it unsanitary. For certain breeds of dogs you have to have tails bobbed, ears cut, and dew claws removed........PLUS you have to pay vet bills while the female is pregnant, plus (unless you have your own) you have to pay stud service fee which doesn't gurantee that your female will get pregnant. You have to give the dog a special diet. PLUS have the room for dog runS outside (you have to have a house basicly). Plus you have to spend the money to puppy proof your house. PLUS you have to have the money to have ALL the dogs registered for them to be worth it's going to be just as hard breeding dogs as it is snakes!
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you have a rainbow, ball, and jungle. Why not get them paired and see if you can even be successful breeding animals more advanced than corns and kings before you go making great life plans and investing money that might best be used elsewhere. The small breeder can make money breeding high end snakes with low availability, I would love to get into the albino GTP but can't afford the initial investment, if you went with piebald bp you could expect $7500+USD investment per animal, just a male normal het for lavander albino would set you back $5000. Even on a lesser scale breeding GTP or ETB will still set you back a good chunk of money. After the investment you still have to raise the animals (unless you buy adults at higher prices) and in the end there is no guarantee you'll have any successful breedings. Easier ways to try to make a bit of change. I breed for the fun of it and to play with genetics, if I sell most of my yearly neo's I might make back some feeder money maybe a few bucks for another animal lol.
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Anyone can breed reptiles. Look up a few web sites and you think you know everything there is to know. Well, sorry, but you are very wrong.

In order to make a good profit (or even just ends meet), you have to have hundreds (even thousands!) of animals. I have seen a real reptile farm (Ophiological Services, Inc) and let me tell you!! there are A LOT of animals there. He had about 2,000 feeder rats thawing outside and that alone must cost a pretty penny! And that is only ONE feeding..imagine the YEARS of feeding every week all those animals.. Not to mention all the GTPs and high end morphed BPs he has up there! He also runs another buisness and is thing of starting up ANOTHER buisness. It takes so much time and money to do this.

No offence, but you have only very little experience. a BRB, ball python, and a carpet python? You have no idea what it's like to house and feed all those animals! How long have you had your snakes? Not long, I bet. A year is not a long time, by the way.
I think you should sit back and study genetics and morphs for a few up money to buy a couple of high end morphed ball pythons and then start from there.
Also, it takes a lot of experience to be able to know the tricks of the trade. Do you know how to get neonates to eat? What happens when you have to force feed something mouse tails? Reading a book about that is nothing like really doing it!

It seems like all the younger people here (I am not old, so take no offence to that!) want to breed reptiles for a living.

Again, no offence meant. Just think about it before you spend your life savings or something.
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Old 10-27-03, 04:19 PM   #43 (permalink)
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ohh_kristina how do i THINK I KNOW EVERYTHING?

My first post on this thread states i know verry little if nothing about this topic... Thats why posted the thread for some articles but so far not 1 article has been posted...

Only thing i know is i have my goals set and no matter what youall say im going to breed them. Money or no money im going to breed them doesnt matter because in the long run i know it will work out.

If its not breeding snakes then there is something eles i can do such as open a pet store or something. Like the old saying says: you can do anything you set your mind to and thats what i plan to do. Im only on this earth for a short time so im going to take chances and make the best of it even if it doesnt work out at least i tryed
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Good luck to you Geko. Just be prepared to invest a lot of time, money and effort into this hobby LONG before you see your first red cent of profit and that's if you EVER see a profit. I'm sure you will enjoy it though, profit or no profit because like it's been said before, it's all about the animals and you say you love animals.

My advice to you would be to learn as much as you can about all snakes. It takes a lot of reading and learning. You will need to visit all of the top breederís sites and read their articles and care sheets, read all of the forums to learn from other people's successes and mistakes, ask a lot of questions and most of all.... be prepared to fail. This isn't math. You can dream up all of the figures you want but these are animals, not numbers. They could die, escape, get sick, not breed, not sell... who knows? You'll need a lot of experience, good contacts and a very good reputation.... not to mention top notch animals.

Anyway, grab yourself an adult pair of Kings or Corns to gain some valuable experience right away. Learn to breed, incubate, feed babies and sell them....

Again, good luck to you. It will be fun even if it's not profitable. Work with animals that you enjoy and you canít go wrong....

Tim Cranwill
Cranwill's Captive Bred Snakes
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I think you are looking at it the wrong way.

It's like you are seeing dollar signs and thinking it of a 'get rich quick' kind of thing, rather than what it really is.

Instead of making a decision like this so abruptly, maybe you should get a mate for one of the snakes you already have, breed them when they are large enough, and see how things go from there. You stated yourself that you don't know anything about it, so why make such a huge decision so suddenly?

Even then, and in the years to come, I doubt you will ever make a living out off of it. As has already been stated before, even some of the top breeders have day jobs despite all of their snakes, and from what I have read, most of them put back the money they make into more snakes.

On top of that, no offense, but you're acting kind of bratty in all of your responses. You came here asking for advice and when people aren't responding the way you WANT them to, you are throwing little hissy fits. You are going to do what you want to do anyway (you've made it clear especially in your last post). Why bother asking for advice when you are going to ignore it anyway?
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