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Old 10-19-03, 01:09 PM   #16 (permalink)
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It's a shame, nature loses another great animal due to human ignorance. Buddy should have climbed a tree. Grizzly bears cant climb trees.
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I agree with seann and foman. Too bad that damn guy killed it. Could have been a new sub-species of giant grizzley, or a descendant of the giant bears that walked the earth before humans took over. Either way it was a great loss to the animal kingdom. And seann, no human/hunter has the right to argue with or give reasons for what they do with overpopulation, humans are a plague to this planet and if anything should become extinct next it should be us. I have absolutely no respect for hunters. Sad but true.

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the bear is freakin MASSIVE! If i saw that i would probably shoot it to, think about how scared you would be that you would act before thinking. I agree it sucks because it could have been a new type of giant bear species but i dont think you can blame that guy. and Solid Snake that picture was it real?
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If the story is in fact true, I do not think even ONE of you would do anything less but shoot that bear. No matter how wrong it was, how bad humans are, not ONE of you could say you would stand there and not shoot to protect the bear instead.

Although knowing the news, the dude probably shot it for his own purposes. I am sure he had to say he was attacked or else people would be all over his a** for hunting.

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(Shrug) it could happen. As for "capping" the bear, that article is
on a radio station's website. Not usually the best place to find professional journalism.

Yeah, I'll say I would have shot the bear if I was in the same situation. I don't believe that crap about overpopulation and disease or what not, but I do think people should be able to hunt a deer or moose as long as it's for food and not just a trophy.
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It's a shame, nature loses another great animal due to human ignorance. Buddy should have climbed a tree. Grizzly bears cant climb trees.
If you can out run and climb a tree to the safe distance before a charging bear gets to you, you are one of the fastest runners and climbers Ive ever heard about. Also, not real easy to climb those trees they have up in the Alaskan forests, and if it is to small, kiss that tree goodbye.
I agree with Melissa, It's always easy to criticise someone else..
Also, this bear wasn't a really huge bear persay being brown bears often grow up to 9' (While on their hind legs). Plus, brown bears occasionally hunt humans, for one reason or another. Why not we are easy prey. As for this whole Hunting thing, why doesn't anyone actually attend meetings, contact a warden, get some first hand experience on hunting, downing hunters is ridicules and it's plainly seen you guys never even considered opening your minds, yet you can feed rodents or some animal or kill insects or another animal without thought. Hell, even promote the hundreds/Thousands of animals that die annually so you can free mindedly eat that head of lettuce. But hey, whatever makes you feel at ease with yourself. And by the way, we do reduce diease, over-population in/of animals, but like I said, easy to critcise someone else.. Respect or no, I find it silly. I bet none of you actually know the terms that are even involved in hunting..
By the way, I am aware that there some individuals who arent "By the books" but like our hobby, it's only the bad guys who are listened too..
Playing dead is recommended, but not a good move being all bears eat carrion, heh I'd run or I would shoot it. Everyone says survival of the fittest is the terms, we are have the ability to build our tools, and if you think thats cheating, check out the "Natural" world.. Mind boggling.. Ok, Im done..

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i too hate hunters! thats why we have grocery stores, and u know its 100% healthy... uuh well not 100% but u know wat i mean.
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Poor innocent little cows, born to die by the hand of a man.. O' snap, pass the chicken.. Oh wait, so what you are saying it's ok to eat an animal as long as you didn't kill it? Or you just saying lets eat the animal born and bred to be food? If that's the case, not very valid, because an animal is food to another, no matter what kind, or what size. So technically we are all bred to be food. Kind of sad so many people think that's ok. I mean, the number one animal that is hunted every year is the white tail deer, and guess how there population is.. I mean, not like the thousands of dollars we give for our equipment and legalization and so forth to hunt is going back to the animals, wanna guess how most reserves, land, institutes, ect. are funded? Gosh darnit' we are evil.. Why again is this?

By the way, most cases of food related illnesses are from domesticated animals....
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i personally disagree with grocery stores, you cant tell me that every piece of meat thats on the shelf is used, it can only sit on the shelf for so long before its not good for human consumption, so what happens then?? its obviously wasted, so the animal died for no reason, mass killing for grocery stores is not good. all my meat is game or raised my self, not one ounce is wasted
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Interesting story......

Well first off, is the story real? As someone else pointed out, the fact that this story was posted on a radio station's website doesnt help the credibility. If the story is legit, well what really happened? Did the bear actually charge this person or did he stalk the bear so he could get his name in the paper? Regardless it doesnt matter, the bear is dead and hes alive. If I was in his situation, as described in the article, I would of reacted in the same manner.


You bring up some interesting points and I agree with many things you say! Personally Ive never hunted and will probably never have to. But, I think hunters have gotten a bad rep becuase to most non-hunters you think as hunters as just doing it for the sport of the hunt/kill. Is this true? I dont know. But most people now-a-days, in fact, do not need to go out and hunt for there food. Plus the fact that so many animals are near extiction and are still being hunted doesnt exactly look good for the whole hunting community. As you said "it's only the bad guys who are listened too", and unfortunately thats how it is. I also think its interesting how people can say I cant believe someone would kill this poor bear, while munching on there bacon double cheeseburger, and not thinking twice about how many animals had to give there life for your 3 minutes of bliss.
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Well put Phox, though It's a tad late and Ive had a hellofaday at work.. What animals are hunted. here in the states that are endangered?
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The idea that grizzley's can not climb trees is a fallacy, and the ones that are too big for the tree to support their weight are usually big enough to knock down the tree... The bear was maked for death because it already killed 2 people. Any animal that has become a man eater tends to be shot and killed.
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I used to live in Prince Rupert at the base of the Alaskan panhandle. I have seen my fair share of bears and had so close incounters. Heard a lot of stories to. Unless you have a gun you have a slim chance of getting away if the bear decides you look tastey. A very small amount of bear incounters lead to an attack. Guess it depends on the bear and the circumstances. I have seen bears hold their ground and some tuck their asses in and run like a scared dog. In all the experiances with bears that I or my friends had only once did the bear have to be shot. To bad about that bear, it was an awsome display of nature and should have been left alone, wrong place at the wrong time. Does anyone know about the type of round they were talking about? One shot to the head doesn't even bring down a normal sized bear their skulls are think. That giants skull would have been thick as hell. One shot to the head to bring it down? I seriously doubt it. It would take an elephant gun. And why would you be packing something that big in the first place? Wooly Mammoth? Saskwatch?
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yeah, it's a shame that the bear was killed, but the first and foremost human instinct is self preservation. if that enormous bear was charging you, darn right anybody's first reaction would be to shoot it.
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